Thursday, July 31, 2008


I finally uploaded the video from the lil one's birthday celebration. I'm the highly underpaid videographer (sp?) threatening the impatient party goers to give my baby a chance to think of his wish.

ANNNNND... I've started something with that skirt from my previous post.

I've turned a (wool?) skirt into a (wool?) purse!Yeah check out that pocket action. I decided to keep the pockets on the skirt as outside pockets on the purse. This makes for easy cell phone access. The original lining looked nice so that stays as well.

I still think it's missing something. I'm thinking some type of embellishment. I grabbed a book on how to sew flower embellishments from the library this past weekend. So hopefully something there will inspire me to make some additions. And I'm not totally sure I'm satisfied with the strap. I'm thinking that maybe some metal rings to connect the straps or something else. It's a work in progress.

I've been having these instances of deja vu quite frequently over the last week. I remember reading a year or so ago, that it is believed by some that deja vu is the Universe's way of letting us know we are doing exactly what we should be doing in that moment. I have had these visions in a while and I'm elated to be having them again.

God, I give thanks for the beautiful life I've been blessed with. Thank you for the positive manifestations in my life. Thank you for the positive energy that surrounds me and is in me. I pray that I can give it back to the universe in some way.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lucky 7

Last night I made tomato basil soup with garlic bread and a fresh baby greens salad. It looked delicious! And apparently tasted the same way according to the family. I passed on dinner because I had a hearty lunch (compliments of the boss) and wasn’t very hungry. I made dinner and headed upstairs for a great workout. It’s been a week and my body was feeling the difference of inactivity for so many days.

This morning I’m enjoying a juicy orange at my desk. I had tea at home and a homemade chocolate chip cookie my coworker’s mom made once I got in. lol. Ok, not the most nutritionally balanced breakfast, but it did the trick. Technically doesn’t the orange balance it out? I know I must be careful of telling myself “oh I worked out so I can just have this deliciously over sized piece of peach cobbler my Kingman made”. It’s not okay, especially if not eaten in moderations. Fortunately I have a great dinner meal plan for this week. Tonight I’m making bow tie pasta with alfredo sauce and shrimp. I plan to add some fresh broccoli, zucchini and bell peppers to the meal for added flavor. It will be delish!

My little one turned 7 this past Monday. We gave him a party on Saturday to celebrate. The kids had bbq hot dogs and chicken wings. My little one helped me back cupcakes and make fruit kabobs. He even picked out the fruit. I truly wish I had pictures of the kabobs, they looked so delicious! And the kids love them in the hot summer weather because the fruits are so juicy and cold. We used honey dew melons, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries. The kids decorated their own cupcakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. My little one felt so special to have family celebrating the day of his birth, and he SHOULD feel special. My mother bought him a plant as a present and he was elated. The last plant he had in his room died. It was a bromeliads and it may have been a bit overzealous to think he could take care of that plant. I have a hard time keeping MINE alive. I have 3 bromeliads left of 5. But this plant is pretty simple as far as care.

I’ve been having dreams lately that center on a lot of the things that I want in my life. In my waking hours I’ve started to just spend time visualizing exactly what it is I want in all aspects of my life. I will continue to consciously attract into my life the things that I so desire and I believe they will manifest. I've been noticing things happening in my life that are confirming I'm somewhere near the right path so I'm trusting my intuition more.

YMIB is such and inspiring online site for women. If you are a woman, particularly of African Descent you should at least browse the site. So much information, love, creativity and LIGHT is there I have to visit the site daily.

Today I was browsing the posted blogs and came across some information about a program that helps young women gain access to better menstrual products. It's called Goods4Girls. I hope to make some cloth pads soon to donate to this wonderful cause.

THRIFTY GOODNESS! I keep meaning to post pictures of these great clothes I find while thrift shopping. Most of my wardrobe is thrifted stuff so I guess it would seem like a stretch for me to take pictures EVERYDAY since I love mixing up the pieces I find. Check out this snazzy knit vest I bought for just $2!!! The shirt, belt and skirt were also thrifted.

I've also been playing around with the sewing. I refashioned some old jeans into a long skirt. I used some stretchy fabric with pretty flower detailing for the panels. I am quite proud of this piece. It's perfect for the summer. The halter was a refashioned tshirt fro m last year. Stay tuned to see what I do with the skirt!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tea and Toast

Last week I conjured up a single workout day. The rest of the time I was either too busy or unmotivated. Today is a new day starting a new work week and I’m focused. The key for me is to remain focused. Sometimes I get too dependent on the fact that I’m a pretty fly mama already. Lol. I forget I need to MAINTAIN this physical flyness. Especially as my body changes and reacts differently with age. Over the last few weeks I've seen improvement in the middle area. I want to keep that up as well as get my arms leaner. The middle area is usually the first to go. No complaints there!

I started this morning with some deep breaths and appreciated the fact that I had no neck or back pain. For me that means no stress. For the last few years I’ve noticed my stress shows up in neck and back in the form of pain and muscle tension. Today I’m free of that and its confirmation that my mind is at ease.

I’m committing myself to focus on my breathing again. And I may as well add some stretching in with that. I’m now afforded the time each morning to have at least 30 minutes to myself. That is assuming I’m to bed at a decent hour. But when I awake it will be MY time to BREATH.

These summer mornings have reduced my appetite. In the winter I look forward to turning on the stove and making a wholesome breakfast. Now it’s so hot that my hunger does cry out for wheat pancakes, eggs and morning star sausage. Tea and toast are enough to waken my digestive system. However by the time I get to work my stomach is literally calling out for food. I think it just said “feed me Seymour!”

My hair is certainly growing. Now I’m beginning to wonder how much longer I can take it. I tend to fantasize about cutting my hair around the time my hair gets past 4 or 5 inches. I’m past that mark and still enjoying growing my hair but feeling a bit stifled creatively when it comes to how I style my hair from day to day. While at work I don’t want to draw TOO MUCH attention to my crown with large afros. And I tend to keep it pretty tame (based on my own tastes) since I

despise going into conversations about how my hair does that “cool” thing without hair spray with my coworkers. Also I’ve chosen not to wear my head wrap since being promoted because it does not fit into the professional image I wish to display at this time. So I’ve limited myself to mostly shrunken fros, stretched puffs and the occasional twist styles. Twist styles take more time and effort than I’d like to exert right now. What I’d really like is a fly cornrow style. Something that can easily translate to the professional setting but still gives me the creative outlet with my hair. Now, if I could just find someone I trust to style my hair for me...

This summer I want to continue to get out of the apartment as much as possible. My little one loves it. He’s always asking “mama what are we going to do today?” During the week he’s occupied by his summer program. So I know he gets plenty of activity then. So most of those evenings we come home, have dinner and maybe hang out in the yard a little bit. But on the weekends I have no excuse. Out of the 24 hours in a day I know I can spend some of it out in that sunshine. Besides, I love the chocolate glow my skin gets with a lil UV radiation. Lol. Which reminds me, we need to pick up some sun block. This shea butter only provides so much UV protection, and I’m no fan of melanoma.

Creatively I've been sew busy. I finished the shirts for my sis, mom and another young lady at the church. My older sis and the other young lady have actually performed with the blouses on. The following is a picture of my sis after her praise dance. She did SOOO good! Had me in tears.

In the next photo you'll see my younger sis, myself and older sis again. The dress I'm wearing looked a little different when I bought it (yet another thrifty find). The neckline is LOWer than I'm comfy with so I sewed a panel across the front with a stretchy cream fabric. Now I can wear the dress as is and not have to layer another tank underneath. Cool huh?

I had this idea for a shirt and just went with it. The following is the result. I still have some work to do in order to make it look more "professional". So far it's looking much how I envisioned it. And I just adore the color purple!

Finally I refashioned an already cute (at least I think so) vest into a more trendy one. I figured if it didn't turn out quite right at least I only paid a couple of dollars for it at the thrift store. But it turned out super cute. I only have the before picture right now. The after will follow soon.