Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inspired once again

I must make this. I spotted this coat via random googling for crochet wearables more than a year ago. Ran across it again and I still *heart* it very much. I truly believe I can crochet a very similar version of this. My verson would be tweeked a bit. Namely, the bottom trim would be a different stitch pattern. I’m thinking the coat was done using the “top down” method of crochet. Top down is just was it says, the item is worked from the top down. I prefer that method for garments because it provides a better drape, the item can be tried on and sized as you go and there is little to no seaming required. Can you imagine this as a toddler coat? I don’t believe I’d ever WEAR this myself, but I could surely see some lil chica rocking it. How fly.

I've been crocheting bit by bit. I've had a couple of custom orders which are now complete. When this sickness finally decides to leave my body and give me back my energy I hope to work up a few things to add to inventory. I have only a few things left in the store, but that's a blessing since it means someone is buying my creations.

I give thanks to the Creator for the new opportunity unfolding in my life. Amen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, we can. And did.

I'm proud beyond words to be a black right now. Not too many years ago I was certain that I would never in my lifetime see a day when a person of African decent would become president of the United States. But I am proud (of America) to type today that the time has come.

I don't know that other ethnic backgrounds understand or are able to grasp how deep today is for black Americans. We now have real, tangible hope. Nuff said.

Peace to all tonight. May God's Light continue to shine in your lives.