Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Creators have been so good to me!

Though this post won't be solely dedicated to my fly sistah over at Flytieonline, I need to give her the respect, love and appreciation she deserves. I can't even recall when exactly I found myself drawn to her. Probably the first time I saw something she had created. No, a matter of fact I think I first saw something she created for another sister and I AND to find out who it was putting all that creativity in one garment. Whatever or whenever it was I just know that now I have so much admiration for her and her work. And I think the rest of the world (or whatever part of it that reads this blog) should take note. And if you're feeling really good, go ahead and buy something of hers. I promise you will never regret it!

So just before Thanksgiving I received THE BEST HOODIE ever in the mail. I was ecstatic! See, I had been drooling over her Steppin Razor hoodie for quite some time. And as the Universe would have it I finally have one of my own. Please people forgive me for not having better pictures f the hoodie right now. But as I said before it's about time I openly let her know how much I appreciated not only her generosity, but her thoughtfulness and talent. The hoodie fits perfectly, it's in the most perfect colors a person could make it in. IT'S REVERSIBLE. Yes you heard right! Please somebody pinch me. What I most appreciate about it is the intricate hand stitching details she put into it. I know how much that sucks. But she didn't half ass it. Everything looks so professional and perfect. I only wish she had put her tag on it somewhere. I wouldn't care WHERE, but I would want folks to know immediately it's hers. I *heart* my hoodie.

Once I got it in the mail I immediately put it on. Then I proceeded to wear it three days in a row. Once on the green side and twice on the purple side. Since then I think I wear it at least once a week. Probably more, I just don't want yall knowing how much I repeat clothes. lol

T, thank you so much! I can't tell you enough how much I love this hoodie and how much I appreciate you. You are an amazing designer. Keep doing what you do.

In other stylish deliciousness I bought some fly earring from another etsy shop call People please peep the Dragon Fly Remix!
Take note of the asymmetry. Oh.Em.Gee! I wear these earrings with everything. They are quite the conversation starter. What I appreciate about this seller is that she was more than accommodating to my pesky metal allow sensitivities. And she substituted the hooks with gold plated ones at no additional charge! Go head nah! Excuse me while I rock 'em real hard like:

Also take note of the new hair do. I finally put some braid extensions in my hair. It took me 4 days! It normally would have taken me maybe one full day including breaks for food and bathroom. lol. But I was extremely sick. I had to take a two day break because walking pneumonia would not allow me to move very much. Being ill is no fun at all. And it reminded me once again I need to take care of myself. I was M.I.A. from work and got a late start in my new position in the Training Department. I'm feeling like so much has transpired since my last post. I hardly know where to start! Tis late in the day and I wanted to get these thoughts and such out now before my busy week started up.

I give thanks to my Creator for good friends, good family, LIFE, LOVE and Joy.