Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can't have one without the other

This one is for the lovely Tea & Honeybread. This is my submission for the

Shutter Click & Chat 03/22: Two
Show me a couple or pair of anything you deem shutter click and chat-worthy.

The story behind this photo is kinda cute. The lil Prince decided he wanted to lose his gloves two Sundays ago. I still have no idea where those gloves are. He had them before church and somehow they disappeared by the end of church. Well that following week we had forecasts for very cold weather, including a snow storm. And my child had no other gloves or mittens. He has this knack for losing them. Well the night before the big drop in temperature he asks me if I found him new mittens. I had searched in vain and no stores (not even thrift store) had boys mittens or gloves in stock. I told him that I'd make him some mittens that night and they'd be ready for him in the morning. My lil Prince has a creative mind and requested before bed that I make red thumbs. He thinks I can do anything.

So I did like any good mother would do. I tried to make it happen. I put in a dvd and got to crocheting. Fortunately for him I add the thumbs last on my mittens. And even more fortunate there was some red yarn in the scrap yarn. So he awoke to some "really cool" mittens with red thumbs. I am sooo SuperMom. Needless to say he loved them. And as of today, he has lost one of those mittens :|

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Memories of the Little Elephant

The little one received a new book in the mail:

I did a video review of a Children's book and wanted to share here as well. Please check out the review and visit the website. This is an amazing book that I highly suggest all parents include in their child's library.

Title: Memories of the Little Elephant
Author: Nehprii Amenii
Illustrator: Nehprii Amenii
Publisher: Khunum Productions

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tag and stuff

Over the last month or so I've been in such a positive spot and then I allowed someone to take my joy for moment earlier today. I'm pissed at myself for allowing such madness to happen. And in my madness I lost my cool. And I really don't want to be that person. I don't like it when I allow someone to bring out anything other than the best in me. S0 I'm on a mission to get my chi back in order ASAP.

As I'm growing, I'm learning that in order for me to forgive others I need to forgive myself. I know I've struggled with forgiving myself for many years. Especially when I get in mode of focus. Right now the direction the Creator is taking me is so filled with promise. And day by day God's promises are manifesting in my life. It's like a party I don't want to ever stop. I have to make sure I enjoy every moment. And enjoy it presently. It feels good not to be filled with worry all the time. I give thanks for that.

I've been slowly cleaning and reorganizing the home after splitting from my former Kingman. We no longer live together. In all reality I love him and am trying my best to handle this split with dignity. But he does not seem to be handling it well and I must deal with the effects of that. I will say that I am very sure that not being with him right now is the best thing for me.

As I clear my mind, heart and physical space I feel renewed with a fresh sense of confidence in who I am and who I am becoming. I haven't felt it so sincerely in a long time. I've strived for it, but haven't felt like I dedicated myself to fully achieving it. If that makes sense.

I'm very much full of optimism and it's a feeling I don't want to let go of.

I give thanks to my Creator for every Breath of Light.

I dusted off the webcam and uploaded a video tag. Rather than ramble in text, I'll embed it here for your personal enjoyment.

I also did quick hair update via video blogging. Who says a sistah can't do it all?