Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feel Like Singing

My lil one has been singing a lot lately. The bug has caught on because I find myself humming and singing to fill the quiet moments. I pray he continues to spread good vibes.

I need some serious rest. Everything is pointing to exhaustion. I know I need to rest but there is always something to do. Isn't that the quintessential dilemma of the black woman? So much to do, so little rest?

This past weekend was so amazing. I had such a wonderful time at the Women's Retreat. I learned that my sisters, mother and I have a bond that many people envy. And I'm honored to be a part of a circle of women who have endured, uplifted and pushed on over the years.

I tried to take lots of pictures. Here are a few:
Prayer before departure.

Being silly with my older sis.

Above is my mother in the foreground.
My older sister and myself enjoying breakfast.

Fellowship with the other young ladies at breakfast.
I made the purple shrug and sash you see above. The vision was my mother's I just found a way to manifest it.
I also made the blouses/tunics above.
More praise dancing.
Symbolic foot washing by an elder.

Enjoy and Bless!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shutter Click

This is getting kinda fun.

Shutter Click & Chat 10/19 a la Tea & Honey Bread
Food-Tis the season for stews and soups, slow cooking, crock pot filled comforting goodness. What's on your menu? Let's see some food. C'mon, you've got to eat something!

Above are a couple of family favorites. First is some delicious corn soup! The next one is baked tilapia with pineapple mango sauce on the side, brown rice, black beans and fried plantains. That's some good eatin'! That handsome young man is my lil Prince. He LOVES both of those meals. Well, except the plantains. He doesn't like those. What's wrong with that kid??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Children and Voting

The following exchange is real and I could only WISH I was creative enough to make this type of stuff up. My Lil One and his Cousin (we'll call him T) had this discussion over dinner last nite. My Lil One is 7 years old and T is 11.

T is the kiddo in the red. My Lil one is across from him in this picture taken this past Mother's day.

Lil One: T, who you gunna vote for?

T: I can’t vote, I’m not 18 yet.

Me: Well Lil One gets to vote at our polls, they will have a kiddie vote. Maybe ask Nana if they are doing that where she goes to vote.

T: Well can I come with yall to go vote?

Me: I'm not sure if we'll have the time to pick you up. We'll see.

Lil One: T, can’t come vote with us unless he’s voting for Barack Obama.

T: (in shock)

Me: (holding in giggle) honey, you can’t MAKE someone vote for a certain person. He can vote for whoever he wants.

Lil one: Yeah huh! Because if he’s going to be in line with our family he gotta vote for Barack Obama. He can’t stand with our family if he don’t vote for Barack Obama.

Me: Um…

/End Scene

Yall pray for this child. lol. He just wants to see a "brown person who is assertive" be President of the United States of America. I can't say I blame him too much. lol

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 Things About Me

Jewelry RockStar tagged me, so here goes:

1) I usually don't wear deodorant. I started this a few years ago and it's just kinda how I do things. I sweat and get funky like everybody else. But the only person who can tell on a regular basis is my Kingman. That's cuz he's the only one who gets close enough to me to notice that hint of musk. And he has no problem with my natural scent.

2) I no likey spiders. I'm super afraid of them. Something about 8 legs and the thought of them touching me freaks me the heck out. blech! If you want to see me cry like a beeyatch just put a real live spider on me. Actually, don't do that. I may pass out. Yeah it's THAT serious.

3) I never finished college, but am researching a few universities with plans to go back and finish a degree. Albeit not the one I initially started 10 years ago. Most people think I have at least one degree because of the work I do and how schmart um is. They also think that my previous college education was in finance when it totally isn't.

4) I think I have pretty feet. I'm well aware that my toes are chubby, but I think my feet are cute. Especially with nail polish. Awww, wook at 'em!

5) I don't shave my legs. Well actually I shave them every couple of years out of curiosity. I prefer them unshaven and no one notices anyway unless I point it out to them. I enjoy feeling the summer breeze as it makes my leg hairs dance.

6) I have a new found love for pantyhose. I was anti- pantyhose for years and years. I was such a rebel. Now that my company dress code requires that I wear them when I wear a dress or skirt, AND I love rocking dresses and skirts, I have started building quite the collection of opaque tights. It's been an adventure thought because all tights are not created equal. So far my fav are the tights I've worn from Target. Particularly the Merona brand. They are comfy and actually FIT. Yes ma'am that IS a paisley print dress with some navy blue tights and purple pumps. And what?

7) I don't know that I ever want to be legally married. I mean, it sounds good and all, but I just don't want to. I don't know if I feel this way because people keep asking when my Kingman and I will get married. I certainly don't want to do it so that other people feel more comfortable about us living together, raising my son (and hopefully his daughter soon) and having sexual relations. lol. Why do other people care so much? I feel like if I did get married it would be strictly for legal reasons like insurance, or benefits. But we do make a lovely couple don't we?

There, all done! This wasn't as easy as it looks.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I haven't combed my hair in weeks. And I keep telling myself I'm going to do it, but every time I wash this luscious fro, the tiny coils get all soft and springy, I just can't mess 'em up. But at some point I HAVE to do something along the lines of detangling because I don't intend to rock one big loced fro.

I went on a lil road trip this past weekend with some ladies I went to high school with. We visited an apple orchard that also grew raspberries, pumpkins, and grapes. At the orchard we went on a hay ride that actually did not include hay. But the beautiful horses made up for the lack of hay. And I likely would have complained about itchy hay anyway. Later we went to a winery and it was equally as beautiful. Those are two things I intend on doing again with my family before the end of this year. They are suprisingly inexpensive and enjoyable. We had huge amounts of fun and I laughed more than I have in a long time. All the while I could not stop missing my Kingman. I REALLY missed him and looked forward to seeing him once I returned home. Absence really did make my heart grow founder. I even bought him a gift from Victoria's Secret, which he quickly unwrapped and enjoyed. *wink*

My little one seemed to have thought I was in a different continent, rather than a different state. I spend about 5 minutes on the phone with him trying to explain that I'm still in North America and Wisconsin is right next to Minnesota. He kept asking "mom why didn't you take me with you? I wanted to go to another continent, you said you'd take me". How cute and misinformed? Love that kid.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep on Pushin’

I read a facebook status with that song in it and It’s been stuck in my head every since. Curtis Mayfield wasn’t playing mayne.

I just need to share a couple of things with. I want to express my deepest and heartfelt gratitude to the Creator for blessing me so wonderfully lately. As always, every need of mine is taken care of, but I’ve been manifesting wants as well. And the Universe hears me and responds. A gracious and lovely sista friend GAVE (yes you read right) me a foam dress form.
And the same day she shipped it out to me, she found another one at an estate sale that’s even better. And she wants me to have it as well. The second one she wants me to pay the same price she got it for at the estate sale. And I’m happy to oblige since it’s only $35!!! I’m elated, to say the least. But tremendously grateful for it all.

I also recently purchased a pair of earrings from a fly shop on etsy called AfriqueLaChic. Well I received them in the mail yesterday along with a second pair as an added bonus. Both pair are majorly fly and fit my style with ease.
On top of all of that I had my annual review at work. My direct supervisor/director had great things to say about me. More importantly he talked about how he has taken notice of how I’ve handled the many changes our company and department have gone through the last year. he also appreciates how I’ve become the “go to” person when problems need solving and work needs to get done quickly and efficiently. It did my heart well because there was a time earlier this year when I felt a little bit taken for granted. But I pray a lot about this job and the opportunities it has afforded me. So, he finally starts talking salary and annual raises. And that’s when he reveals to me that instead of the standard, company-wide 3.5% raise I’m getting much more (can we say 11.5%) of an increase. And I won’t go into exact numbers, but it’s certainly will be a noticeable difference in my next paycheck.

Just blessings all around! I’m a happy and appreciative camper right about now.

All this has got me to thinking today about how I’ve been consciously thinking about the things that I DO want in my life. It’s a continuous effort to stay positive, especially when bad things happen and people around me are in that rut. But I really do try to stay on the positive side of things. I believe more and more that if I fill my heart and mind with what I want I will receive them. And I do this usually through prayer, and just putting it out there. By putting it out there I mean talking about what it is I want for myself and my life. I talk with family and friends about what I want and would like to do. I blog about it. I say it outloud even when no one is listening.

I know the Universe is listening.