Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep on Pushin’

I read a facebook status with that song in it and It’s been stuck in my head every since. Curtis Mayfield wasn’t playing mayne.

I just need to share a couple of things with. I want to express my deepest and heartfelt gratitude to the Creator for blessing me so wonderfully lately. As always, every need of mine is taken care of, but I’ve been manifesting wants as well. And the Universe hears me and responds. A gracious and lovely sista friend GAVE (yes you read right) me a foam dress form.
And the same day she shipped it out to me, she found another one at an estate sale that’s even better. And she wants me to have it as well. The second one she wants me to pay the same price she got it for at the estate sale. And I’m happy to oblige since it’s only $35!!! I’m elated, to say the least. But tremendously grateful for it all.

I also recently purchased a pair of earrings from a fly shop on etsy called AfriqueLaChic. Well I received them in the mail yesterday along with a second pair as an added bonus. Both pair are majorly fly and fit my style with ease.
On top of all of that I had my annual review at work. My direct supervisor/director had great things to say about me. More importantly he talked about how he has taken notice of how I’ve handled the many changes our company and department have gone through the last year. he also appreciates how I’ve become the “go to” person when problems need solving and work needs to get done quickly and efficiently. It did my heart well because there was a time earlier this year when I felt a little bit taken for granted. But I pray a lot about this job and the opportunities it has afforded me. So, he finally starts talking salary and annual raises. And that’s when he reveals to me that instead of the standard, company-wide 3.5% raise I’m getting much more (can we say 11.5%) of an increase. And I won’t go into exact numbers, but it’s certainly will be a noticeable difference in my next paycheck.

Just blessings all around! I’m a happy and appreciative camper right about now.

All this has got me to thinking today about how I’ve been consciously thinking about the things that I DO want in my life. It’s a continuous effort to stay positive, especially when bad things happen and people around me are in that rut. But I really do try to stay on the positive side of things. I believe more and more that if I fill my heart and mind with what I want I will receive them. And I do this usually through prayer, and just putting it out there. By putting it out there I mean talking about what it is I want for myself and my life. I talk with family and friends about what I want and would like to do. I blog about it. I say it outloud even when no one is listening.

I know the Universe is listening.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Wow!!! This is so right on time, my hubby and I just made a list of things we want because we've been noticing that things we don't want are going away to our dismay. You know what I mean, menacing clients, business headaches, etc. However those things usually come with a paycheck.

I feel so much more confident that the things we want are already here because you have helped me today.

fly tie said...

beautiful, and i'm happy for you. :-D