Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 Things About Me

Jewelry RockStar tagged me, so here goes:

1) I usually don't wear deodorant. I started this a few years ago and it's just kinda how I do things. I sweat and get funky like everybody else. But the only person who can tell on a regular basis is my Kingman. That's cuz he's the only one who gets close enough to me to notice that hint of musk. And he has no problem with my natural scent.

2) I no likey spiders. I'm super afraid of them. Something about 8 legs and the thought of them touching me freaks me the heck out. blech! If you want to see me cry like a beeyatch just put a real live spider on me. Actually, don't do that. I may pass out. Yeah it's THAT serious.

3) I never finished college, but am researching a few universities with plans to go back and finish a degree. Albeit not the one I initially started 10 years ago. Most people think I have at least one degree because of the work I do and how schmart um is. They also think that my previous college education was in finance when it totally isn't.

4) I think I have pretty feet. I'm well aware that my toes are chubby, but I think my feet are cute. Especially with nail polish. Awww, wook at 'em!

5) I don't shave my legs. Well actually I shave them every couple of years out of curiosity. I prefer them unshaven and no one notices anyway unless I point it out to them. I enjoy feeling the summer breeze as it makes my leg hairs dance.

6) I have a new found love for pantyhose. I was anti- pantyhose for years and years. I was such a rebel. Now that my company dress code requires that I wear them when I wear a dress or skirt, AND I love rocking dresses and skirts, I have started building quite the collection of opaque tights. It's been an adventure thought because all tights are not created equal. So far my fav are the tights I've worn from Target. Particularly the Merona brand. They are comfy and actually FIT. Yes ma'am that IS a paisley print dress with some navy blue tights and purple pumps. And what?

7) I don't know that I ever want to be legally married. I mean, it sounds good and all, but I just don't want to. I don't know if I feel this way because people keep asking when my Kingman and I will get married. I certainly don't want to do it so that other people feel more comfortable about us living together, raising my son (and hopefully his daughter soon) and having sexual relations. lol. Why do other people care so much? I feel like if I did get married it would be strictly for legal reasons like insurance, or benefits. But we do make a lovely couple don't we?

There, all done! This wasn't as easy as it looks.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

So much goodness here...on the deodorant deal, I think (probably because it is so rare) natural scents are intriguing and alluring. As for your Kingman enjoying your scent, back in the animal kingdom one would argue that's a perfect match! Thanks for sharing some interesting stuff!

fly tie said...

wait a minute now! you done updated 3 times and i'm just now realizing it, lol!

enjoyable read. i relate to so much of it. as far as deodorant goes, i only use lime juice and sometimes not even that.

on spiders?? don't even put a *fake* one near me. yeah it's that whole 8 legs thing. eeek!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love spiders because they eat other little bastardy bugs. I forbid fam members from killing them, they can only put them outside. Keep up those sexual relations, we all gotta have um married or not. Well at least I think so... Can't believe ur job makes you wear pantyhose, hate um. Somebody at your job is a perv and thinks making you wrap up ur legs is gonna keep him from walking around with a woody.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Oh yeah, cute toes.

Breath of Light said...

t.allen-mercado: I'm all for natural scent. I think people don't understand that it doesn't automatically mean someone is going to smell rank and funk up the whole place.

fly tie: yeah girl you are late. I've been on a roll the last few days.

jewelry rockstar: love you gal! and I fully intend to keep up the relations. lol

Anonymous said...

hey..Im new to this blog thing Im 18 yrs old and you can tell by reading my blog, I have a tough situation on my hands and I am sick of the whole love thing. Im sick of being hurt. I may be young but I have good mentality, I now know what I look for in a man. but I enjoyed your blog..especially the whole marriage thing. My ex didnt want to get married legally he said he didnt see the point of it.We werent trying to get married @ that point..we were just talking abt our future.But I just believe he wasnt ready to commit to someone just yet because he wanted to still cheat or whatever but he was 23!! He needs to grow up.But I agree w/ you, people shouldnt care&ask questions, its your life and you have the right to do what you want to. The only reason I wouldnt get married legally just yet..is because Im scared of divorce. I just want to wait on someone who i KNOW will be there forever, like marriage is supposed to. But you and your Kingman seem happy and truthfully thats all that matters, dont worry abt other peoples opinions or questions. Its your relationship, not theris.