Monday, September 29, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster

Seriously, that's been me the last few weeks. Well the last few days for sure. I'm happy to find solace in my crafting. Unfortunately this digi cam (which will not speak ill of since it was gifted to me) is having issues with the flash feature. So all the pictures I've been trying to take come out dark. I've started new scarf designs that I can't even share with the www.

I'm so proud of 'em too. I've gotten the hang of the button hole feature on my sewing machine. And now I want to put button holes on everything. This sewing thing is mad fun. Tis a shame I waited so long to indulge myself in it's thready goodness. I forgive myself though.

If only it were so simple to forgive myself for other things. I seriously need to lighten up when it comes to self expectations. I know we are our own worst critic. But there are times I take it too a whole new level. And as I type this in the dark, in my dining room there is a lil mosquito type bug stuck on the lap top screen. I know it's not a mosquito for real, but I don't know wtf it is. It's annoying, that's for sure.

Yeah, your girl is coming up on 5 years at her current employer. I already know what my raise is gunna be. It ain't much, but it's mine. And I'm very grateful to even have a job right now because I know of other people who are struggling something serious. And today I read an interesting blurb about a former employer of mine buying a former potential employer. And I smiled inside knowing that the peace I felt when the former potential employer thing didn't pan out was something real. The Universe was truly on my side. And in my heart I didn't really want the job so in a way I willed it not to happen. My spirit just told me that place was not the place for me.

My lil Prince got another 100% on his second spelling test! He's a lil genius. Although I think the spelling words were a bit easy. They were just the days of the week. But imagine my delight when he already knew how to spell Wednesday. I'm so proud of how he's making a very conscious effort to do well in school. He actually enjoys challenging himself. I pray that drive stays in him forever and ever amen. Tomorrow his class and the other 2nd grade class are taking a field trip to a local college. I'll be going along to help keep the kids from getting lost. My lil Prince is super excited about visiting a real college campus. I'm excited for him.

Well, hopefully pictures will be forthcoming. I need those pictures in order to list them and sell them in my shop! Argh!

Oh, and I think I may go with the goldish, yellow color suggestion by flytie for the set to match my purple peacoat!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aah the dreaded roller coaster...I feel you. Luckily, the dips and turns are fast moving. Hopefully you'll be back on top for a spell in a minute. While you're up there, take a look around, take it all in.

Kudos, Little Prince! Wednesday is indeed a tricky one! Have a great week, thanks for passing through.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

LOL@ the mosquito thingy. We are all on an emotional roller coaster these days. Let's just close our eyes, throw our hands up and ride, ride, ride!!!!

Congrats on the good mommy day -- spelling test success.

fly tie said...

lol @ jewelry rockstar.

girl, considering that i don't like roller coasters *at all*, i stay on one where my emotions are concerned. but as j.r. said, i just roll with it.

i'm been having some strange bugs in here lately. i have no idea what the lil munchkins are. but i do know mosquitos have been making their way in here tearing me up. :-/

goldish yellow and purple. that'll be nice.