Saturday, September 13, 2008

Out of Focus

This afternoon I logged onto my email and saw that I made an etsy sale! It felt so good to see that. I'm hopeing I can complete at least one more piece this weekend to post in my shop. It's tempting to spend the proceeds from this sale on stuff I'd like for myself on etsy. But my master plan includes cycling the money from sales back into the shop. I plan to purchase more yarn and some other items I've been wanting. I'd love to have some fabric tags made to include in my crochet items.

Man, I just had a total brain freeze. I stared typing out this post wanting to make it about my shop and the stuff that's in the works and I'm sitting here unable to focus. I suppose it's time to get some kind of rest. Something I've been lacking as of late. Even when I go to bed at a decent time i have a hard time getting to sleep. I figure my body will force me to sleep properly at some point. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

I think I'll brose some etsy shops until I fall asleep...


fly tie said...

it *does* feel good to get that "you've got a sale" email. my sales are so sporadic that even after being on etsy 3 yrs. now, i still get excited when i see that in my inbox.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yeah when you are a designer there is never time to sleep. I've never sold one stinkin' thing on etsy. Most times I'm okay with it. Today I'm a little pissy about it, notice I said "stinkin"