Tuesday, September 23, 2008

100% Pure Love

My lil Prince scored a 15 out of 15 on his very first spelling test. We told him he could get a special treat when we went to the grocery store. He proudly selected some Cheeto’s Hot Fries. lol. That child loves some spicy food.

In the last week I have sold two items! I am very proud of myself, but feeling the pressure to create more. It has been on the back burner the last few days since I’ve been making it a point to do some fall cleaning and organizing on the home front. Today I plan to fold all the clothes recently washed, and organize my sewing table which also sits in the dining room. I do believe I need more storage bins for my yarn and fabric. But for now I’ll have to work with what I’ve got. I need to get over this urge to save every little scrap of fabric. Much like I use to do with yarn. It just kinda piles up into a heap of confusing tidbits of projects (some gone bad) and it can get overwhelming. My mood is affected by my environment. And a cluttered or messy environment irritates me to no end. So the plan is to organize all this stuff and eventually get more storage containers so I can KEEP it organized.

I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to add to my winter wardrobe. Fortunately I’m already set as far as jackets and coats. I still have my lovely purple trench style pea coat. Which I still absolutely adore. But I’m trying to figure out what direction as far as color that I’d like to go with a hat, scarf and mittens. Last yearn I wasn’t exactly coordinating. I wore my coral pashmina scarf (which I still have and love wearing) and made some off white arm warmers. I plan to go the arm warmer route again since the sleeves on the coat are still too short. But the choice of color is stumping me. I could just go with a winter white again, or I can step it up with another color that would pop. Maybe a very light purple or stick with the coral so I don’t have to make a scarf? I may go yarn shopping today during my lunch break to see what I can find. I’m thinking wool is the way to go for this winter.

I’m definitely on the look out for more cardigans. They seem to go perfectly over my dresses for added warmth. I wear cardigans year round because the office STAYS cold. I’m sitting her now (yes, blogging at work) with cold hands. I have a pair of cheap gloves that I sometimes wear to get my fingers warm again.

So I was blog hopping and came across a blogger who kept posting picture of her Bento http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento . Now first off had no idea what the heck a Bento was, but I loved how it had the lil compartments for everything and figured it would be a great way to maintain proper portion sizes for food.

I was thinking, man I’d love to have a dish like her lil Bento thingy. Well come to find out a Bento basically a single portion mean that traditionally contained, rice, meat and veggies. I’m like HELLO! Great idea, you Japanese folks. Lol. But seriously, I want one. I know there are various Tupperware contraptions that have the lil compartments to separate food. I think I may just buy one of those. Right now I usually have bunch of different plastic containers and sandwich bags to hold my lunches in. It can be cumbersome to remember everything and getting it to fit just right in my work bag. But the Bento seems like something I should have to maybe streamline my whole lunch packing process. So I’m on the look out for something Bento-like to fill that void in my life.

But what I really want to know is, what ever happened to Crystal Waters?


narcissaqtpie said...

congrats to your little scholar :) I was looking at bento boxes a while back for kiddo, but the prices were too high. I just did some digging and found some at a few eCrater (www.ecrater.com) shops priced $5-$16. And here's a another site with some cute food containers really cheap, but the shipping makes up the difference lol. http://www.ichibankanusa.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.166/.f

TruEssence said...

Your little man is making you proud sis! Congrats to both of you!! I love the fall because I love my fall wardrobe and I love going thrifting for other great pieces for the fall weather! I was just telling someone that I am going thrifting for some boots and fall stuff Saturday. Looking forward to that! I have always told you on your fotki that I love your style! Those dishes you posted look so delicious!

vuqua said...

Girrrl, Crystal still making the bomb club hits... don't sleep. She can't touch "La da di, la di da" but she's still hittin!

Congrats on lil man's accomplishments... you've done a great job!

Breath of Light said...

narcissaqtpie thanks for that link! Certainly closer to my price range. lol

fly tie said...

wait...i got crystal light on my computer. i was tryna figure out why that name sounded so familiar to me. i've never listened to it, but an old neighbor brought one of her cds to me and told me i just *had* to check her out.

yay for sales and a 15 out of 15 for your lil genius. :-)

as for a new color, how 'bout something yellowish/gold? maybe just a little here and there.