Monday, September 8, 2008

Hater's Ball

I was browsing a popular hair site among natural haired black women and came across a thread discussing a youtube video. To summarize what I personally gathered from the video, there is a lil voice inside us that stifles our creativity. That voice shall henceforth be called the lil hater.

Now the preceding video, while insanely hilarious to me is right on point with how I've been feeling lately about my blog and my creativity. I figured, it had been so long since I had blogged that I better show some pictures, but then I was having issues with getting interesting and relevant pictures and that spiraled into more than a month of not posting. And during that time I had plenty to talk about. I have maybe two unpublished posts sitting there, well, unpublished because I felt like they weren't good enough.

I primarily get these thoughts out for myself. Something about seeing them in writing helps me sort through it all. And something about sharing them makes me feel a little bit more free and light spirited. But I certainly don't want it to become a chore or pressing obligation that causes me to procrastinate because I don't feel my blog post will be good enough. Self reflection would quickly tell me that it matters not what other people think, but how it makes ME feel typing all this stuff out and pressing "PUBLISH POST".

I've finally posted some updates in the esty shop. Which you can most certainly browse (and buy if you like) at the following link:

I'm proud of every item I made in that shop and hopefully someone else loves them as much as I do. I'm tempted to post about some recent etsy convos I've had over the last weekend. But I won't because I told myself that after I told my homegirl, that I was done and just needed to vent about it. lol. But yeah, that's on my mind and does the reader of this no good at all to keep referencing it and not explaining. I've digressed.

So I'm more excited as the weather cools about my Fall and Winter inventory. Oh, it has yet to be completed. But the crochet bug has certainly hit and ideas are flowing and eventually spilling out over balls of soft, purty wool yarn. I *heart* wool yarn now. When I first started crocheting I told myself I wouldn't become a yarn snob and buy all that expensive wool and natural fiber yarn. But now I can't help it. Cotton and wool yarn are just so practical when it comes to crocheting garments of any kind. And there are always wool blends (which I use most) that allow you to wash the item without accidentally felting and shrinking it. Cool beans huh?

Speaking of beans... (peep that transition) I've recently developed this intense appreciation for black beans. And I have a particular fondness for black beans and corn. And not that canned or frozen stuff. I'm talking about buying up corn on the cob, peeling all that hairy stuff (the name escapes me now) off, cutting the kernels off and cooking them up. OMGoodness! Talk about some tasty sweet corn that goes with just about everything. Especially black beans. Now I DO buy the black beans in a can. And I have realized all canned black beans are not made equal. Lawd that's a horrible pun, intended or not. But they aren't and GOYA is the worstest. It's like 50/50 actual black beans and then mushy filler. And all that filler (whatsenever it is) gets wasted because I always rinse my canned black beans thinking it helps reduce he sodium content. Why for so much salt to preserve food? I'm thinking soon I'll just buy some dry black beans. I buy all my other beans dry. This wouldn't be much different, right?

Anyways, the fam had some delicious veggie quesadillas tonight. I'm all cheesed out dude. But I don't feel as guilty cuz I threw in some corn (yes ma'am), black beans, spinach, yellow and red bell peppers, and cilantro. So it was sorta balanced if you disregard the high cheese content. But that's what quesadillas are, right?


fly tie said... is it that other people are able to so accurately articulate what *i* feel or go through but what i can't verbalize myself??? dude is definitely on point. it's amazing. i've been pretty good about updating lately, but at times it feels like just too much energy has to go into it. at first i thought it was a problem not writing every other day or so. then i got over it. now i average 2 times a week and it's cool.

i like having the connection with people and being able to share, and i just have to do so on my own terms. when others don't post for a while, i'm cool with it...realizing how this whole blogging thing *does* involve creativity and that creativity doesn't always flow so easily. i just patiently await their return. cause i really do enjoy reading what folk have to say. such as yourself. :-D

regarding black beans: one of my favorite foods in to whole wide world! i usually get 'em dry but will get 'em canned every now and then, just making sure to read the ingredients list. ooooh...and fresh corn. so good.

i'm lovin' the style of that gray hat and am getting to the point where it's crucial that i start purchasing nice things for myself that i *want*. that's def. on my want list for the cool months.

Breath of Light said...

Yes ma'am, I'm usually impressed with my creativity once I come out of a funk. Like the gray crown just came to me. I just bought some yarn and started crocheting. that was the result. i very much like that crown and was very tempted to keep it for myself. lol.