Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Voted Today

I finished a really cool looking beanie today and am now debating on if I should list it in the store. It's a monotone blue skully/ beanie style hat I'm sure some dude may like. HOWEVER I got to the end and was ready to crochet in the elastic and discovered I misplaced the last bit of elastic. WTF? I'm typically a "place for everything, everything in its place" type of gal. Even when things are a mess I meticulously put things as important as elastic in its proper place because I know I'll need it again. Well I cannot find it in the usual places and that sucks monkey balls right about now. Cuz this crown is real fly and I want to share it with the world.

Methinks I'll have to go to the craft store at some point this week or weekend and pick up a couple of things. I discovered that I have almost a whole mini skein of hot pank cotton yarn. Oh joy! How cool would a hot pink cloth set be?

So as I browse some of the shops on etsy I notice this shocking trend of folks selling "vintage" goods and charging retail (or more) prices. What is the deal with that? Clearly they have rummaged through thrift stores, garage and estate sales to find this stuff. And when did the 1990's become "vintage"? What bothers me is I know some of those dresses I see listed for $60 only cost the person about $9 but they are selling it for sooo much more. To me it's a rip off. I'd rather get off my ass and go find the stuff in the thrift store myself. I enjoy the whole experience anyway so maybe I'm just not a good target market for their "vintage" finds. But I cannot justify paying $60 for a polyester dress that cost the seller no more than $10 to purchase themselves.

So while I sit here typing out this rant about overpriced vintage goods I've considered selling thrifted items in my own shop. I believe myself to have a great eye for thrifted treasures and would love to have another avenue to share that with peoples. I mean, let's be honest, folks seeing me wear the gear is not as fun as them being able to wear it themselves.

As I contemplated a way to avoid being one of those sellers that I just ranted about I figured I'd just charge a flat fee plus the actual cost to me to purchase the item. For instance if I found a fly dress for just $4 I would list the item in my shop for the $4 plus $20 (not sure yet if that will be the amount) for my time, energy, and amazingly great eye for vintage deliciousness. I still keep a decent margin and I won't feel like i'm cheating someone. And if I end up offering this "service" via my etsy shop, I may also prewash each piece before selling it. That way the buyer gets fresh smelling clothes and know if it's actually stained or not. I tend to leave stained clothes alone anyway. I've learned over the years to avoid anything stained at the thrift store because it usually won't come out.

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I hope you find your elastic. I'm such organized chaos that the only times I lose enything is when I call myself cleaning 0-o.

As for vintage...I agree with you on the stuff from the 1990s-that annoys me no end. The good finds however aren't all just heavily padded-some items particularly designer and design lines which have been discontinued are worth far more than the seller is asking. Good luck with your venture-your pricing plan seems workable.

Thanks for sharing.