Saturday, March 21, 2009

Memories of the Little Elephant

The little one received a new book in the mail:

I did a video review of a Children's book and wanted to share here as well. Please check out the review and visit the website. This is an amazing book that I highly suggest all parents include in their child's library.

Title: Memories of the Little Elephant
Author: Nehprii Amenii
Illustrator: Nehprii Amenii
Publisher: Khunum Productions


fly tie said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this. :-D

and of course mal is cute as ever with his new book..

Breath of Light said...

He was really excited just to be getting something in the mail. And he's such a goofball.

TruEssence said...

Your Sun is so adorable Feepee! Loved the book review! I will have to get a copy for my daughter and sun.