Thursday, April 16, 2009


I give thanks for such beautiful and inspiring people who cross my path. The last few weeks I've felt so revived. And I've been just LIVING. Motivation is high, but I must remain focused as well.

I went to orientation for my doula training. The first official training class will be April 25th. Before then I hope to do a little more reading and research to keep my mind and thoughts on what I'm trying to accomplish.

I've decided on a studio to take belly dancing lessons. The spring sessions overlap with my doula training so I await the summer schedule and plan to start then.

I have three weddings I'm excited to attend this year. One of which I am the maid of honor. NICE.

The weather is warming, the sun is shining and I have been trying to get outside to enjoy it as much as possible. The lil One and I have been reaquaiting ourselves with the neighborhood. The trees, birds, bugs and plants. I'm shifting more toward the life I want for myself and living IN it presently. My spirit is in a happy place right now and I find it hard to stop smiling.

I've also noticed that things have just been "working out" for me. I receive each blessing with gratitude. And give thanks to God for everything.

Right now I'm toying with the idea of moving my blog. Once I actually decide I'll post an update and let the regular readers know where to contact me in the case they would like to follow me to the new space.

Until Next Time



Ebony said...

Well that sounds good... Where have you found a studio for belly dancing class? I love it but I can never find anything in minneapolis...

Breath of Light said...

You can check out the studio I plan to attend here:

I called and talked to Mirah and she's is a very sweet and informative woman. Feel free to call her and chat if you have questions.

fly tie said...

this really makes me smile. i'm happy for you and wish you continued positivity and light!

i, too, will be getting (back) into belly dancing soon. i always did love it.

peace to you! :-D