Thursday, July 19, 2007

Metaphorically Speaking

Over to under
Enter your wonder baby
Submerge into me baby
And take me to higher

Submerge within the light
Illuminate my night
And let your atmosphere surround me
Submerge within the light all night
Till we become the sun

See if I'm breathing
Because I'm not sure
Tonight if I'm alive
Words are demeaning
They can't describe

Submerge within the light
Til we become the sun

Metaphorically speaking, this song embodies part of my life philosophy. The LIGHT is God. And God is love. For me, God and Love are interchangeable and one in the same. The love of God is the Light in my life. In my spiritual journey I pray that the Light of God is revealed to other people through me. The same way the sun gives us warmth. In order to live this way fully and honestly I am in constant pursuit of God. Submerged...


I suppose Maxwell was hinting to something else when he eloquently composed this piece. The fabulous thing about music is that it lends itself to you. It allows the listener to interpret and receive it as they wish.

What does it mean to be submerged in Light?

sub·merge: To hide from view; obscure.
light: something that makes things visible or affords illumination.

After looking up the definitions I run into an oxymoron of sorts. So how is it we hide from view in something that makes things visible? Does submerging into the Light of God reveal who we really are? That sounds risky. But I want to bury myself in God's love/light and allow it to reveal what's in my heart. My struggle is staying spiritually connected God and everything Light touches. Which IS, everything. This universe.

Being spiritually connected to the universe gives me peace. When I'm in a peaceful state I am more receptive to wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I suppose I'm more receptive to revelations of Light. Inhale...


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