Friday, July 20, 2007

suc·ceed: to thrive, prosper, grow, or the like

I remember reading a comment once and it had a profound affect on the way that I view some things. The comment basically said that the things that bother us so much about other people are usually the things we see in ourselves and don't like. After reading that, it just hit me that my irritation with certain people was largely driven on that theory. I then resolved to search my heart a bit more before directing negative thoughts and energy toward someone else's faults. I have plenty of my own, that's certain.

Sometimes I get highly irritated with my significant other. He shall henceforth be referred to as my King or Kingman. There are times when I'm not even sure why or where the negative energy is coming from. I have to be still and really think about why I get so worked up. Even the times where he is clearly the one who brought the negative energy, I'm disappointed in myself for allowing him to bring me there as well. And even more disappointed when I'm the one guilty of bringing on the negative energy.

There are things about him I just love. He's quite the romantic. When he's in a good mood he's my favorite person to be around in the whole world. And he does things with the best of intentions and a sincere heart. He encourages me in those quiet moments. He is affectionate. He loves me deeply and unconditionally. He loves my son.

Yet with all these amazing qualities, there are things (real and imagined) that make staying together a struggle.

strug·gle: a task or goal requiring much effort to accomplish or achieve

And a relationship requires constant effort. Some days more than others. However, I am committed. I believe in our ability to thrive, prosper, and grow together.

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