Monday, October 8, 2007

Going Batty

I normally post blogs like this in a different space. But I cannot access that blog from work so it shall go here. Forever tainting the good vibes I have initially put into this blog.

This weekend was uneventful for the most part. I managed to keep taking my drugs so that this sinus infection could go away. I put some twist extensions in my hair. And I look right crute too! And then... then it happened!


I decided Sunday night to go ahead and wash clothes for the week. Really I planned on washing my son's uniforms. I'm forced to do weekly washes because he only has 5 sets. So, I gather the clothes and head down to the basement, also known as the dungeon. As I near the door that leads to the laundry room I see a shadow flicker behind me. I turn my head quickly to see what is behind me.


So I convince myself it was just a moth by the light. Then as I put the key into the door I heard the flutter again but it was between my ankles. I shrieked and looked down. There was a bat flapping away on the ground in front of me.


I turned and ran back up all those stairs, almost slipped and fell, the whole while screaming and holding the basket of clothes. My Kingman appeared at the top of the stairs asking me what was wrong and what happened. By the time I ran back into the apartment I was almost breathless. But I had just enough breath to have the following conversation:

Kingman: it's just a BAT they don't bite
Me: yeah, huh they do (breathing hard)
Kingman: no they don't bats don't bite
Me: they do! they bit that dog man!
Kingman: what dog?
Me: CONjo!
Kingman: who? (looking real confroosed)
Me: dude, conjo! The bat gave him rabies man!
Kingman: who da hayle is conjo?
Me: the DOG!
Kingman: :
Me: the dog in da... stephen king! In the movie.
Kingman: (wtf look)
Me: (catching breath)
Kingman: (laughs his ass off)
Me: (nervous laughter)
Kingman: you are crazy
Me: lol. or Kujo, whatever the fugg his name is the bat gave him rabies so they BITE!

/end scene

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