Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doing it

I thrive on planning and organization. I know that much of the discord in my life right now stems from lack of planning and organization. Or simply half ass planning and not following through. Procrastination grows from that. I just put it off because I don't have the organization to give me confidence to just DO IT. I'm starting my TO DO list today. I want it to eventually grow into a life goals list. But for today, I need to accomplish a few things:

*Pick up the Lil' Prince's uniform shirts from the school

*Follow up call and/or email apartment leads

*Clean the bathroom

I know I can accomplish all of these things before I lay down to rest. I plan to pick up the uniforms right after I pick up my Prince today following work. I plan to follow up on apartment leads as soon as I finish posting this. And I will clean the bathroom once I return home. My Kingman will either have to cook dinner himself or wait until I'm done.

I am starting small and simple for now. I feel better already.

I give thanks to my Creator for blessing me with another day. Another opportunity to spread Love and Light. Amen.

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flytie said...

getting things done is so freeing.