Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sew Inspirational

Last night I managed at least 45 minutes of workout in the attic. The majority of that time was spent on the punching bag. What got me through was my playlist of “workout songs” which had some high, medium and low tempo tunes to keep me motivated. A must for my workout music is the ability for me to sing along. I don’t know exactly what it is about being able to keep up with the song. I know that I have a good time when I know the words. The music gives me a rhythm to move and swing punches to. Having music also helps the time pass very quickly. My Kingman says he thinks I was going at it for at least an hour. I didn’t pay much attention to my start time, so I’m not sure.

The entire workout was so fun that I’m looking forward to squeezing in at least 30 minutes tonight. I plan to do my workout as soon as I get home. maybe while the lil one is doing his homework and my Kingman is preparing dinner. Then I’ll take a shower and wash my hair because today my scalp stinks. I have this thing about rubbing or scratching my scalp and smelling my fingers. I know I’m not the only one! But it’s a way to keep scalp stink in check. lol.

Since I’m planning to make the workouts a daily thing, I need to get a better hair washing schedule in place. I’ve been shampooing once a week for the last few months and holding off on rinsing. Now I’m anticipating more sweating (and my head gets its sweat on) and I think I need to up my mid-weekly rinse game. Shampooing daily is out of the question. And wetting my hair daily is too much of a hassle as it gets longer. I don’t do the soaking wet hair while i’m sleeping thing. I figure a mid-weekly rinse or conditioner wash, followed by some fat twists or bantus should do the trick. It should keep my scalp relatively clear of sweat buildup and my hair smelling fresh until my weekend shampoo.

The sewing momentum has slowed. I first jumped in ready to sew up a storm just because I have two machines and knew the basics of how to USE the machine. However as I searched my mind and heart for a first project I realized that I wanted to create quality, wearable, and sellable items. So I started researching more into all the different stitch options and why they would be used. I started reading the owners manual for the Kenmore machine I was gifted. Then I started researching patterns and how to read them because I want to verse myself in garment construction and pattern making in hopes that I would be creating my own patterns some day soon. Well of course being the instant gratification loving craftster that I am, I was feeling as if I haven’t accomplished much since I had nothing to show for my efforts over the last few weeks. However today I feel encouraged because I’m confident that once I start finishing some sewing projects they will be up to my standards as far as quality. So right now there is less focus on quantity. Especially since there IS no quantity. Lol

I’ve been devouring information and wisdom from various carft sites and sewing blogs. I’ve added a few new sewing blogs to my “Places I Like to Go” link list. I’ve always been inspired by the Sewl Sista #1 and flytie, and now I’m hooked on the Neo Sew Mama. I have a preference for Sistah blogs or in other words, blogs by black women. That’s not to say I don’t like sewing or craft blogs written and updated by white women. On the contrary I have several of them listed and hyperlinked. However I am most inspired by black crafters.

The time has come for me to make myself an alter. It will be my meditation space. I’m not quite sure where to start besides finding a space at home that will go undisturbed. I talked with my Kingman about this and I’m thinking I’ll take over a corner in our room and set up my alter. This weekend I hope to go thrifting, Saturday morning perhaps. I want to search for a scale for home use, a night stand or small table for my alter, a few skirts or dresses for work and fabric.


I ended up coming home a little later than planned, watching netflix and THEN working out for almost an hour. I concentrated on my lower body and lower back. I'm so proud of me! Still no washing or rinsing of the hair. I'll have to let my Ginger Juice & Berries hair dress mask any funk for another day. You MUST get up on that La'Vida Given by Nature.

Today I was blessed to run into a Goddess I attended college with. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home to grab some juice. Somehow between going down the wrong aisle and making sure my lil one didn't run anyone over I glanced up and saw a familiar face. Instantly her name came to me. I surprised myself with that one. I'm use to people remembering MY name, not the other way around. She had her handsome little prince and told me he had an identical twin. A double blessing! My spirit was very happy to have seen her. I remember admiring her creativity with words and her proud, confident spirit back then. We exchanged contact info and I plan to link up with her soon. I hope she brings the babies!


flytie said...

*blush for the name mention*

sending some encouragement on the sewing end. there'll be times when i won't even touch my machine cause i'm just not feeling it or ideas aren't really coming to me. i don't wanna just turn out something just so i can say i did. whenever i *do* do that, it turns out all funky and ends up getting ripped apart.

i'll have to get me some of that ginger juice and berries hairdress. seems like something my hair could use.

wishing you continued love, progression, and happiness! :-)

Cussin' Crafter said...

scalp stink...hehehe.