Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Recap

Saturday: Lots of sewing. Didn't finish much, lol. But I spent most of the day sewing. Yes, my son's room was a mess, but he has the big mirror.

Sunday: I slept in pretty late and enjoyed every minute of it. Except the "not so feeling great in the belly" feeling. Fortunately my son and other half were respectful of my desire to sleep for as long as I could. When I woke up I made home made cinnamon french toast with eggs and boca sausages. It was an instant hit. I was motivated enough to workout upstairs for about 30 minutes. Later that day we went to my mother's house for some yummy bbq. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny. The kids has loads of fun playing together. I enjoyed chatting with my sister, aunt and mother in the kitchen. We were exhausted when we finally got home, but we all agreed it had been a great day.

Monday: I woke up feeling less than well and extreme fatigue had taken over. I sat in the bed for about 5 minutes after the alarm went off trying to convince myself to get up and start the day. But I decided to call in. I laid back down and my Kingman got the lil one ready and took him to school. I slept. The rest was just what I needed. My Kingman and I eventually ended up at the lake. We enjoyed the lovely weather and a stroll around the lake and had lunch together. After picking up the lil one from school we went home and relaxed. I decided to get a workout in upstairs for good measure. It felt great. It seems that every time I workout I'm more motivated to keep going. I feel great actually after working out. My body thanks me.

Tuesday: Happy Earthday!! My lil one has been looking forward to this day. Tuesdays we babysit my nephew for my mother. So after work and school we come home and have dinner. During dinner we all talk about Earth Day and what it means. My son says "it's about respecting the Earth!" Well said! We came up with ideas on how to be more concious of our environment and Earth. The kids really seemed into it. Afterwards we sat outside painting rocks into bugs. We talked about why bugs are so important. Even spiders (which I'm not a fan of). I suppose I should also mention that at work on Tuesday, a coworker blessed me with a knitting machine. I was very excited and truly grateful for such a wonderful gift. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to figure out how to use it. I'm also hoping it will allow me to whip up some lovely baby blankets. Also I recieved a beautiful flower hair clip in the mail from a sista I know from I've worn it everyday since then.

Wednesday: Right now the only thing I really remember from this day is watching America's Next Top Model. And I remember thinking "why is this week going by so slow?" lol

Thursday: The little one had a field trip to the Science Museum and had a wonderful time. He really wanted me to go, and I really wanted to go as well but I didn't want to take anymore days off from work since I had been sick on Monday. My Kingman didn't want to go, which was disappointed. I wish he put forth more time at the lil one's school. But it seems he's just not as interested in parent involvement as I am.

Friday: The lil one did not have school so getting ready in the morning was a breeze. Work was very ho hum and I can hardly remember what happened there. Oh, for lunch I went to a Goodwill thrift store near by. I've been meaning to visit the thrift store by my job for a long time and finally just went. I scored a dress, skirt, a pair of pants for the lil one's uniform and an umbrella for him. All that for less than $19! By the time I arrived home my homegirl called me to tell me she stopped by the thrift store and for $11 she scored 2 pair of pants and some wedge sandals! Wow. Most of my productivity at work was during the previous days this week. I came home and made some delicious food. I made ginger coconut curry sauce complete with potatoes, onions and red peppers. I prepared brown rice, shrimp and chicken and poured the yummy sauce over it. My Kingman LOVES this dish. The lil one favors the rice and sauce and I usually have to make him eat some of the chicken. We chilled inside the rest of the night. The End!

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Wow! Your hair is on the grow!