Thursday, May 1, 2008

Excuse me while I take a dump- Brain dump

Insomnia is no fun. Stuck here awake with thoughts rolling around in my mind...

Tonight I ran a very warm bath with drops of tea tree oil and some cocoa powder. I lit an incense got naked and relaxed. That bath felt so good. I dosed in and out of lucidity filling my spirit with positive thoughts and energy. This ritual should be performed on a more frequent basis.

Tomorrow I'm up early to get my lil Prince ready for school and stop by the government center to see about this speeding ticket from a couple of weeks ago. My prayer is that a county clerk will show a little mercy and reduce the ticket and be so kind as to keep it from showing up on my record.

After all of that fun I'll be linking up with my sis to help her move. This is a huge transition for her, but I fully support her and I'm proud of the woman she has become and is becoming. She is a big sis I admire, love and enjoy annoying from time to time.

The last few days I've toyed around with this lovely hand dyed cotton yarn I've had for maybe a year now. I can't seem to find the right project for this yarn. I want to make a fly summer crown for myself but I haven't committed to HOW I'm going to construct this crown.

After work today my Kingman and I took the lil Prince to the park to play. The weather was cooperating so I obliged my son's request for outdoor fun. He met another young man there and we sat and watched my lil Prince's impressive social skills. I'm so proud to see him comfortable meeting new people and making friends. I'd like to take credit for his confidence but he is who he is. And he's amazing.

I've put in good workouts upstairs twice this week already. With all the moving tomorrow, that will count as a workout. I may get another in this Saturday for good measure.

Friday evening after work I have plans to braid my mother's hair. Then Saturday she and I are going thrifting! I'm very much looking forward to that!

Fortunately now I'm getting sleeeeepy.....

Good night and God bless all who come across these words!

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flytie said...

yes...the relaxing baths are a good thing. i just moved from a place that didn't have a shower, so they were frequently on my agenda. now that i've got a shower, they've lessened. definitely gotta get back to in though.