Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My prayers go out to any and everyone affected by the tornados over the weekend. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have everything suddenly blown away. I think living in the city makes me take for granted that it’s not likely to happen to me. But I know tornados can and have hit in the city before.

Family time is some of the best time. We grilled at my place yesterday. My Kingman was such a wonderful help yesterday. While my mother, younger sister and I went to the thrift store in the morning, he cleaned the entire apartment and started cooking the food. And never did he complain. Our apartment is quickly becoming the family hang spot. Partly because we have more space than my mom’s place and my Kingman is allergic to my older sister’s cat. A brotha gotta breath, ya dig?

Lately I’ve been entranced with blogs and websites that display everyday street fashion. It’s inspiring and eye opening. Here I was thinking 80’s fashion was NOT gunna make a big come back, but after checking out this blog by Artistic Bling it’s all the rage in Brooklyn. But browsing these sites reminded me of how uninspiring the fashion community is here in Minnesota. While I don’t consider myself a fashion expert, I do take pride in my personal style and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve found that my style is mostly inspired by the global community as a whole. I don’t have any hard fast rules that go with my fashion sense besides “no tight on tight crime”. Lol. My sister and I coined that term years back. I was browsing Hel Looks over the weekend and kept thinking “ok I’m NOT crazy for loving cardigans and skirts that go past my knees!” That site inspired me to finally purchase some tights (5 pair) so that I could rock my skirts and dresses at work and not break dress code. Ladies have to wear “panty hose” with skirts and dresses at my place of employment. My closet has several dresses that I love but haven’t worn to work because they show too much leg for me to get away with not wearing panty hose.

I stopped wearing panty hose some time in high school because they were so uncomfy and I would always snag them on something. I was such a tom boy, it’s a wonder I ever lost my virginity. Now I’m a bit more of a girly girl and can go a day without a snag. The real trick now is finding tights that properly squeeze over my thighs and butt. I must say, the pair that I’m wearing today have given me no problems at all.

I plan to re-read “The Secret” very soon. As soon as I find the book. A sista friend of mine is reading the book and it’s got me to thinking that I need to get my mind right again. It’s a great book to have around.


fly tie said...

thanks for those links.

i've always been into tights, but i still don't have any of those footless ones (assuming that's what you're talking about). i do like 'em, but just never bought a pair. that is a good way to rock those "too short for work" dreses, though.

Nina said...

Thanks for putting me on to the Artistic Bling blog...love Brooklyn style.

I meant to tag you on my last blog post but missed your name some how. Sorry...but if you wouldn't mind playing along it would be great.

The details are on my blog.