Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring has Sprung

While I haven't really MADE a lot of things lately, the creative juices are still flowing in my mind. My heart is really focused on clothing design and construction lately. I keep trying to figure out how to translate my 2D drawings into a 3 dimensional garment. It is, I believe, where the magic of fashion design lies. Peek my first pair of yoga pants. I made the pattern myself. I'm loving that sewing machine.

While all this is going through my head I've found myself more engulfed in fashion and styling itself. What makes an outfit fly? I've believed for some time that 95% of a fly look is the confidence and vibe of the person rocking it.

The colors of spring have inspired me to play with color more this year. I find myself again trying to phase out the color black in my wardrobe. It always finds a way to creep in. I think this is largely due to my dress code at work and the fact that I don't want' my eclectic look to frighten off unsuspecting business owners trying to apply for loans where I work. I figure they are paying me to do this job and appearance has some significance. I'm willing to throw on some slacks and a blazer everyday, but I don't want to give up my total fashion sense. I actually like dressing it up a bit around the office. However, the image I put forth in corporate America is only one layers of my fashion sense and there are times I really grow tired of given THAT layers more lime light. But Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm that's who I have to be.

le sigh

Looking outside my windows is so calming to me. Nature is just so beautiful. I just realized today that we have two maple trees in the front yard. I'm guessing they are two types of maple trees. One of them has reddish leaves up top and basically anywhere the leaves receive direct sunlight. The picture there is from a few weeks ago (Mother's Day) and the tree has since become much fuller and redder at the top. The other maple has typical green leaves. Both are very beautiful and I'm happy to share my living space with them.

The family has also taken advantage of the beautiful weather and gone to the lake a few times. One of the advantages of living in the land of fifty lebbin lakes is that you don't have to go far to reach one.

My niece was over yesterday and I happily braided her hair. She's such a beautiful lil girl but she gets in plenty of trouble at school. I've been longing for a daughter of my own for quite some time. And I don't foresee having another baby anytime soon (unfortunately) so I think I'll have to have my niece over more often and pretend I have a daughter.


TruEssence said...

Love the yoga pants! You are doing one of my favorite yoga poses. Love all the pics(beautiful spring pics) and how you did your neice's hair! Beautiful style!

fly tie said...

yeah, the yoga pants are nice. i have still yet to delve into the world of creating pants, but i intend to do so soon.

love that picture of the tree

Naturally Sophia said...

Nice pants indeed! I know what you mean about the corporate world too. I wish i didn't ever have to compromise who I dress in the name of "professionalism".