Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old News

I was browsing the old myspace blog and came across a few that made me laugh or reminded me of some things I went through not long ago. I tend to use profanity in that blog. Something about myspace that makes a sista wanna cuss. lol

01 May 2007
Catching up with a rant...
Current mood: irritated
Category: Life

People who minimize MY issues just to make their own seem like thee most important thing in the world drive me batty. Where's the equality man? Being the victim all the time gets real old AND it gets you kicked off of Charm School. Nevaeh anyone?

I scraped my arm on a broken wicker basket this morning RIGHT before leaving out for work. Twas bleeding and all. So I just slapped a band aid on it to catch the body fluids seeping out. So my co worker asks me what happened when she saw my flesh colored band aid. Can anyone guess why she saw a flesh colored band aid on me? I told her what happened then she asks "did you at least clean it?" Uh that's a negative, roger that!

Someone complained that my locs look... well basically not so cute today. And it sorta hurt my feelings cause I was really feeling my locs today. What's with the notion that you have to do all this shit to your hair to make it presentable. I just don't want to put all that energy into my hair on a daily basis. I'm just going to WORK. Those people don't know what's going on with my hair half the time anyways. I didn't let the person know they hurt my feelings. Why bother, cuz they would have found a way to make their feelings more important anyway.

Why can't it ever be about ME?

I mean can somebody, anybody pamper me for like a week? one week straight. And not complain and enjoy it like they expect me to do 365/52/7/24?? Seriously, I had an epiphany today. Not only am I a sister, daughter, mother, girlfriend, business services specialist... but I'm also a client, uh, I mean maid. Just call me Hazel. Or chocolate. DARK chocolate is more fitting. And sexy. hehehe

08 May 2007
feepee had a little lamb or "the one who farts with his arm pits"

I had a gyro for lunch. And I'm wondering if lamb counts as red meat. *scratches head* *sniffs fingers* MMMMMM! My head smells like a camp fire. I got this new Aveda shampoo which without reading the bottle I'm tempted to call "black fig oyster" but i'm SURE oyster is not in the name. My scalp and locs smell really good tho. Makes me wanna be like Becky and shampoo everyday. But alas, I'm much more like Bonequesha. Except if my head itches I scratch it. I don't do the pat the head cuz I don't want flaming scalp when I get my touch up tomorrow.
My little Prince showed me this new amazing talent that he has. He's extremely proud of himself because he practiced and practiced until he could do it. Many may have thought it could not be done. But he is a genius. Really, he is. He told me a while back he knows everything. And I'm sure he believes that. Don't shoot my child's dreams down. He is all knowing. And now he can fart with his armpits. I can't even do that! AMAZING he is! *sips on fruit smoothie with ground flax seeds*
Why can't I be like the tree and calm you with my leaves? Maybe if I'd just be still.
UPDATE!!!! I get to keep MOST of my mother of pearly whites! I need a root canal. Possibly two but one is a wisdom tooth. I'm told a root canal on a wisdom tooth is difficult and it was recommended that I just remove it. *gasp* I have to think about that. I like my wisdom teeth, they have all been with me since I was 16.

24 May 2007
Current mood: In Pain

My sister says that to me sometimes. Well, she alternates between cursing both my houses and saying "yo mama!". It's ok. She was adopted anyways, so it's no big deal. hahahah!

Ok so I had that root canal this morning. On the real, I think I would have preferred if he had taken my tooth out. I can't friggin eat! I'm glad I ate a sammich on the way there or i'd be starving right now. But that's not the killer part. Cuz I could handle this involuntary fast if there wasn't anything good to eat. But I just made this bomb fried tilapia and jasmine rice thinking I could just chew on one side of my mouth. I've gotten use to that over the last few weeks. Well the problem is ANY pressure on that root canaled tooth hurts like hellifus. So you know the lil grains of the cornmeal find there way over there. And when I accidentally bit on that junk I bout cried. Partly cuz that fish is some good ishtar and partly cuz the pain made me wanna ball up in a corner with a knife and cut off the right side of my face.

I'd still be sexy tho.

I visited my lil Prince's class for a lil while this morning before heading over to the dentist. After they had breakfast and did there routine trip to the bathroom, one of the lil boys comes up to me and asks me to help him pull his shirt sleeves back down. So I noticed and commented to the lil fella that he had some ashy arms. Well dang, the lil booger actually knew what that meant. So to make him feel better I told him I have ashy arms too and proceeded to expose my ashen flesh. He laughed a little too hard at that one. I don't appreciate that! But I did my deed for the day by comforting a child who was fretting over the dehydrated skin. I should have whipped out some vasaline on him. Show him how it's done. But CLEARLY I did not have any or my skin would not have been in the state that it was in.

06 Jul 2007
Do dat hot dawg got pork in it?

That was the cry of my child the other day when I told him he could not have one. I guess he figured there must be a good reason for me saying know. And lately I've been explaining to him why our family does not eat pork products or drink cows milk and rarely indulge in dairy products as a whole. He thinks he's all edjumacated now because earlier this week while I drove to the gym with him and the nephew in tow, he drops some pork knowledge on the cuz. "pork meat comes from pigs and pigs play in the mud so you shouldn't eat it" Ok so he doesn't quite have the FULL understanding of why pork if off limits for us. But you can't blame the kid for trying to spread the knowledge. Shhhhh! don't tell him that his beloved carrots and broccoli come from the dirt. I need him eating his veggies.
Tis truly a small world. When Paris Bennett's mama sings at your cousins funeral and talks about how they use to roll. You realize just how small of a world it is. Big Tiny was such a hilarious guy. And even tho the funeral had me crying and feeling sorrow, I found some comfort knowing that so many people's lives were touched by his presence on this earth. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
From this point on I will speak/think/feel affirmations of positivity and Light into my life. Bless UP!

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Sometimes I go through my old entries from our bravejournal days. I have 'em saved. Might be revisiting them shortly!