Monday, June 9, 2008

I made something pretty

And here I am second guessing myself. Not so much my abilities, but my desire to move in a certain direction.

I've been recently presented with a new job oppurtunity. I know that after the final interview this week they will offer me the job. I know this because I BELIEVE it. However, I'm not sure this is what I want. It's yet another step deeper into this "corporate america" thing. This new oppurtunity has the potential for more money, better training and other areas for advancement. Now I like the company I currently work for. It has great benefits, a great work environment and atmosphere, but I don't forsee any immediate opportunities for advancement. I've been in my current position for a little more than two years and I'm feeling as if I know this well enough to move on from it. It's no longer that IT thing for me. My spirit if urging me to try something different. A change of pace, if you will.

But I'm searching my soul to see if the new job with a different (larger, more corporate type) company is what I'm suppose to be moving toward. There are several unattractive factors about the new company. And several attractive things. I think it's about time for a pro versus con list. Because I'm feeling the clock wind down, this final interview is in a couple of days and I will need to make the decision really soon.

In less heavy news I've been keeping up with workouts several days a week. No set schedule but I push to get at least 3 days of workouts. Mondays I seem to get a workout in easy. And I try to get a workout in on one of the weekend days. That leaves me with 4 other days to choose from for my third workout. It's really not that hard and I feel good after EVERY workout. I haven't noticed any big changes in my weight or size. But I really can't be sure since I'm not weighing myself or measuring. Right now I want to continue to FEEL good about what I'm doing for my body. All that other stuff like pound droppage will come when it comes.

Oh, and I was tagged. I need to get batteries in my camera to complete the assignment. I hope to get that done next week. I was pleasantly surprised to get a comment from one of my favorite blogs tagging me, though unofficially. lol. So I'm much obliged.

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fly tie said...

you've probably decided what you're gonna do by now, but i wish you all the best. although i haven't had that experience or had to make that kind of decision, i can certainly relate to where you're coming from on some level.

( and *wow* @ the neck so cute.) i definitely feel ya on the making something with your own two hands that's pretty amazing then turning and second guessing yourself. sometimes when i'm feeling *blah* and thinking this clothing design thing must not be for me (based on the slow sales) and start thinking about going into "corporate America", i stand in front of the closet looking at all the garments i've made with my own two hands and my own creative insight and my own essence and trip what am i trippin' about? i know i've got what it takes. i've just got to go after it more aggressively.