Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gluten and Maximus

Yes, the blog title has something to do with the post.

I’ve had an apple sitting at my desk all week. And there isn’t a good enough reason why I haven’t eaten it. I’ve been hungry sitting here at my desk. I’ve needed more fruit intake. It’s been right there in plain sight. Yet, I’ve snacked on chocolates to get my sweet tooth fix. When this perfectly formed and nutritious Fuji apple would have done the trick. My discipline is off once again. And I intend on getting it back in gear. For real, for real. I brought an apple for my lunch today even though I have the apple from earlier this week. I’ve already eaten one apple with my peanut butter and jam sandwich. This (old) apple will be my afternoon snack tomorrow. I will eat it and enjoy every sweet bite. It’s really all I need to curb my sweets craving. If that’s not enough I have a small bag of microwave kettle corn popcorn. MMMM! It’s better than a Twix! I suppose my concern right now is not calories. I already know I tend to get too few calories when I eliminate animal flesh. But I want the calories I get to be worth something. And I know the best way to maximize nutrients is to eat more than plenty fresh fruits and vegetables.

Still on the subject of food (I can go on for days about it), I’ve been reading about seitan (SAY-tahn). It’s a popular meat substitute that I’ve actually tasted before and enjoyed. I’m hoping my Kingman likes it as well and decides to stop cheating and eating meat here and there. Also I’m hoping my lil Prince will enjoy it in some meals. I haven’t figured out what will be fore dinner tonight. Something easy to prepare since I’m getting a bit tired. I’m sure the excess cheese I’ve been eating has something to do with that.

I’m looking forward to hosting dinner for a couple of the DIVAS. I plan to prepare my signature coconut ginger curry with shrimp. MMMM! I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Already one of them has asked for a substitution with just veggies or chicken. I will likely just prepare chicken separate since my lil Prince is not a fan of the shrimp in that dish. OR maybe I’ll use seitan! That’s an idea. I wouldn’t even tell her I substituted. Mmmwaahahahaaha!!!

God, I know I have the discipline within me to make better choices. I want to show my gratitude to you by taking care of this body I’ve been blessed with.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is not promised. : }

lady said...

i struggle with the same thing. i've had a banana on my desk for almost the whole week. i need to do better also.

we're on the same page cuz i've been wanting to make seitan too. i've never eaten it, but it looks good in the recipes i've seen it in.

blessings sis,

flytie said...

yeah. i don't know what it is with the whole thing of fruit being right there in your face, but feeling like you need something more (often less healthful) to kick the desire for something sweet.

i get that from time to time. something psychological i suppose.

*off to eat an orange*