Monday, December 31, 2007

The Typical New Year Post

I give thanks to my Creator for yet another 365 days gone by on the American calendar! I guess I don't give thanks for another year until my bornday. And that is coming up in less than a month.

I give thanks for relatively good health, beautiful family, supporting friends, sisterhood, loving relationships and so much more.

I've been coming back and forth getting ready to post and changing my mind because I've had so many things on my mind. I figured I needed to find a time when I just have the energy and a clear mind to just type it all out. A few moments ago I figured, WTH, just DO IT! And here I am. Well enough of the excuses. Time to get down and dirty.

Goals for 2008
1. Make this life a healthy one, on purpose: A specific part of this goal is to absolutely lose at LEAST 10lbs by the end of the year. See now that seems SOOO easy, right? I mean I got 365 days to do it. You'd think I could drop less than one pound a month easy? Well I'm sure I could if I tried. But I really didn't for most of last year. 2008 it will happen and you wanna know why I'm so sure? Well lemme tell ya! First my Kingman and I plan on having a heavy bag by the end of January. Period. Actually I plan on having it in the next 2 weeks. lol. I'm so serious.

Having this piece of equipment will allow me to get an intense cardio workout as well as strengthen my CORE. BAM! I also plan on getting my yoga "stuff" shortly afterwards. We went up to take a look at the attic again. It's cold outside and therefore cold in the attic. So we'll buy a space heater to have on ONLY when we are up there working out. We have the area picked out for the heavy bag and a separate area for the yoga and stretching. Finally there is a third area that may later host the future weight bench.

2. Take a first time home buyer course. This is one of the many steps I'm taking toward owning a home. But I've put off this task for much too long. There is nothing stopping me from doing it. It will only cost me a lil bit of time.

3. Incorporate daily meditation time. Key word is DAILY.

4. Spend more productive time with my Lil Prince. This will come into play more in the summer and on weekends. Now it's a bit easy to get that productive time in because after I pick him up we come home, help with homework, read some books and sometimes get a board game in. In the summer I want us out of the house more going to the park and library like we use to.

5. Find more ways to express my love and appreciation to my Kingman. I've struggled with this since I met him. I have deep rooted issues that sometimes hinder me from expressing deep emotions to people. And for me, it's especially important that my mate know how deeply I care for him and love him. I hate that sometimes he has to wonder how I'm feeling. So, I'm not totally sure yet how I'll do this, but I will.

6. Create, create, create! Nuff said.

7. Get out of Minnesota for at LEAST 3 straight days. We've been saving and paying off stuff so much we have hardly thought about taking a lil vacation somewhere. I'm totally content with a simple road trip somewhere a few days. My Kingman and i always love Chicago and may revisit again. Very soon, I hope.

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Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really love your header graphic and lil' prince is adorable. You have a great blog and good goals. Happy New Year!