Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something is Fishy

I've started crocheting wrist warmers to go with my fly pea coat. A few weeks back I scored a trench style pea coat from the thrift store in a royal purple. I love the fit of it. It is thick enough to warm me up during the Minnesota winters, and sophisticated enough for me to wear to work regularly. I love that it's long since I like to wear skirts and boots in the winter to work. The greatest part was that the coat only cost me $7!!! So the catch is that the sleeves are a few inches too short. BOOOO HISSSSS! Not defeated, I decided that I would just buy the coat and crochet myself some lovely wrist warmers to wear under the coat. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what type of stitch pattern I wanted. But I have that down and I've started. Sorry, no sneak peeks just yet. Hopefully I can snap a couple with my cam phone tomorrow.

Earlier this week I went ahead and made my version of the Tilapia with Spicy Mango Salsa. I improvised a LOT. So I will just say my dish was inspired by the recipe. A few of the modification I made were as follows:
*I used plantains instead of bananas
*I used organic tomato basil broth and veggie broth in the black beans for a different flavor spin. I also would like to point out that adding tomatoes or tomato soups to bean dishes is the biz! I learned that trick a few years ago. And whenever I make my pinto beans in the slow cooker I try to add that ingredient.
*Organic brown rice was used, instead of yellow rice.
*I used a pineapple blend juice (100% juice not from concentrate) instead of lime juice in the mango salsa. I was so sure I had bought some a few days ago but was wrong. And I didn't want to go ALL the way back for lime juice I hardly use.
*I seasoned my tilapia almost totally different. But I stuck with rubbing paprika into the fish. This is something I will incorporate into fish dishes in the future since it added a flavor we haven't tasted before.

My interpretation of the dish was very delish. Um.. jeepers, that rhymed. lol. My lil Prince and my Kingman enjoyed the meal. And I'm not just saying that. Take a look for yourself! I will definitely make this dish again. Maybe one day the same as the recipe. lol.

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TruEssence said...

Smiling I love when I can find a good thrift item! Which is all the time! That coat sounds so cute!! Okay now I am wishing I could go out today and get my thrifting on! It's snowing... will probably be getting up to 4 to 8inches!Definitely not driving today.

Sis you doing the darn thing with the cooking! That looks so good! I love plaintains! Your little man is so adorable!! I can tell he enjoys mamma's cooking!:)