Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cold Feet

I've been feeling particularly tired and cold lately despite my emotional excitement about everything. The last few nights I've had trouble sleeping. And the worry over lack of sleep is making it even harder to get rest.

*le sigh*

I'm not sure what to do. It's already way past a reasonable bedtime for me tonite. I need to figure out a game plan for tomorrow night. This is especially wack since I'm so tired! I just can't seem to get comfy or warm enough to doze off. Perhaps my iron is very low. Perhaps I should drink some calming tea before bed. All holistic suggestions are welcome. In the meantime I think I'll eat some sort of spinach or collard greens tomorrow(today).


Anonymous said...

What does the regime currently look like?

Breath of Light said...

I don't have one set yet. I plan to figure something out in the coming days. I haven't done much of anything exercise-wise besides use the resistance bands. I plan to post pretty soon about my exercise focus and maybe have a regimen by then.