Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mission accomplished!

Friday we purchased the heavy bag and stand. We also bought our training gloves. They had the most adorable training gloves for kids so we picked up a pair for my lil Prince as well. He's very excited. Today, during the waking hours we plan to set the bag and stand up in the attic. I'm very excited to get started. Since I we still haven't bought a rug and stretching mat, I'll be doing my stretching downstairs in the apartment. Did I mention how excited I am??

I had a good chat with my Kingman about balancing all these things in my life. I'm trying to be better at letting him know the things that weigh heavy on my heart. Perhaps he can share the burden with me so it's not so hard.

Friday I used my lunch break to drop off two boxes of art supplies for my lil Prince's school. A month or so ago the school sent out a notice informing parents the kids were starting their art unit and there was a need for supplies. Various things like cardboard tubing, planting supplies, shoe boxes, old sweaters... It was actually quite overwhelming seeing all the things that were needed. So I enlisted the help of my generous coworkers. I typed up a letter as if it was written by my son, taped his adorable picture on it and taped it on a box. The letter basically stated that my lil Prince and his classmates needs supplies and anything people could donate would be appreciated. I attached the list of supplies needed. Well these people certainly are coming through! I've gotten all kinds of stuff.

Well, while there I had a chat with the family liaison and mentioned something I noticed the last time I volunteered at the school. I was working one on one with some students and they were very behind in their reading skills. So I inquired if they practiced at home. The prevailing theme was that many of the kids did not have books at home to practice reading. I guess I took for granted all parents gave their kids a little library of books. Well the liason and I threw some ideas back and forth and agreed to start a book drive for the school. The goal is to get at least 150 books by Valentine's/ Friendship day so that each student will be able to take a book home. Naturally she sort of gave me the leadership role in all of this since I opened my big mouth. But I'm happy to do this! I've already researched a potentially large book donor.

It's a local book store. I know someone who works there and the word is they have more children's books than they know what to do with. I'll post the name of the bookstore once I've confirmed I can get a donation. I also plan to have a chat with the marketing department at my job to see if they can donate some bags for the kids to carry their books home in. I'm pushing for each child to have more than one book in their bag.

I'm putting all this out int he universe for a little accountability so I don't procrastinate and also so that I can increase the chances of these things coming into fruitation. I will start making calls and contacts Monday because February 14th will be here soon.

I give thanks to my Creator for a spirit of giving.

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flytie said...

oh, that's so giving of you. i can certainly appreciate you taking the initiative.

wishing you much prosperity! :-)