Monday, January 14, 2008

Setting up Shop

Check out the Cussin' Crafter Co-op I'm a part of! We make all kinds of goodies! And no, I don't really use profanity like that, but my homegirl couldn't think of a different name at the time so this one stuck.

I took a couple of swings at the heavy bag last night. Only by the urging of my lil Prince did I even venture up there. He's really excited about learning boxing techniques. Well, he gets excited about almost anything.

Right now my workout plan is as follows:
3 days a week
10-15 minutes of warm up and stretching: Jumping jacks, squats and various stretching techniques. I like to switch it up a bit. I may expand on this area as I get more into the routine. I've also considered just buying a jump rope and doing a 5 minute warm up with that, then lead into stretching.

30-40 minutes of heavy bag training: I haven't finalized how I will approach this. For now I'm thinking I'll just play some music and let that lead me as far as combos and such.

5-10 stretching: Concentrating on they arms, shoulders and back.

2 days a week
10-15 minutes of warm up and stretching
20-30 minutes of resistance training: I'll alternate between using the resistance bands and the weight bench. Have I mentioned we scored a complete weight bench set for $200?
5-10 minutes of stretching

I expect the majority of the time I'll be getting these workouts done in the evening after work. I hope to include at least one weekend day in the rotation so that I can get a workout done in the morning before starting the day. It will feel so refreshing!

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