Monday, February 4, 2008


Recapping the last few weeks is a task I do not intend on taking up at the moment. I will say there are many things I've been putting into action and manifesting in my life. And in those aspects I feel good! Other things (read: active lifestyle) I have not been as proactive about. Excuses never make me feel better. I just plan to do better at this.

My relationship is being tested. And my patience in this relationship is surely being tested. It's stressful but I'm upping my meditation times and breathing exercises so that I can stay centered through it all. I'm also making attempts to get proper rest on a more regular basis.

Outside of that, great news and positivity have been flowing my way. I plan now to manifest more of those blessings so that they flow into my relationship as well. We have some building to do.

In my last post I posted an online store that I'm currently selling some of my crochet creations. Very soon I'll be posting my own separate online store which will feature my creations only. This is a big move that I had been putting off much to long. But I'm ready!

Bless up!

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TruEssence said...

Sis I am wishing your all the best with your relationship and your new plans! Meditation and being centered will definitely help you improve in all areas in your life!