Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They grow on trees!

It feels so good to make progress toward promoting and selling my hand made items. I've even been dreaming about yarn and crochet designs. It's madness! But in a good way.

I finally linked up with my home girl to get better pictures for the online shop. Check it out!


And since posting up more creative, clearer pictures I've sold 2 items! That really boosted my spirits on Monday. But now I'm feeling more pressure to build up inventory.

Yesterday I used the money from the sales to order some clipboard tags, and a custom made rubber stamp to attach to my sold merchandise. I figure I'll use a cheaper and more creative method to lable my creations until I up my game and get those fabric labels. I'm going to do cartwheels when I purchase those. I'm sure of it! For now, the clipboard tags will do. One side will have my Knotty Gal logo. The other will have my online shop address and care instructions.

I started a "to do" list for my online shop:

  • purchase a blank journal to jot down ideas, designs and "to do" lists

  • compile inspirational pieces and patterns for Spring/ Summer inventory

  • Buy rubber stamps and card stock for tags

  • research digital cameras

  • create email account exclusively for BreathofLight

  • research sewing machines

The list will grow as ideas flow.

I give thanks to my Creator for the Love that surrounds me.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you woman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your words on my blog. So sweet of you.

Wow, that stuff just doesn't happen any more these days. Thank you sooooooo much. you made my eyes water. Generosity is a beautiful thing. You can reach me at ronnixclusv@live.com, and in that email, if you leave your measurements I'll have something for you as well. Blessings to you FeePee

Anonymous said...


lady butta.fly said...

i wish you much success sis! your works are beautiful.

blessed love,