Monday, February 25, 2008

Check it

Updated TO DO List:

  • purchase a blank journal to jot down ideas, designs and "to do" lists (DONE)

  • compile inspirational pieces and patterns for Spring/ Summer inventory (Started)

  • Buy rubber stamps and card stock for tags (DONE)

  • research digital cameras (Started)

  • create email account exclusively for BreathofLight (DONE)

  • research sewing machines (Started)
  • create flickr account for BreathofLight (DONE)

In other news I've been slacking in the active lifestyle change department. It's a shame really. I could be down at least 5 elle bees by now.
le sigh...
But it's not too late. The weather is warmer and now there is not as much a frostbite threat if I workout in the attic. That punching bag is calling me. Methinks I need to make a house announcement that for a certain block of time (about an hour) each night I am not to be bothered. Twill be my ME time and I shall use it for my betterment.

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