Saturday, March 8, 2008

At the speed of Light

There are times I observe the people around me and I find myself feeling left behind. As if the things someone else has accomplished or is moving toward in this life are things I should go after. It is in these times I must remind myself that everyones path is their own. Meaning I cannot make myself too concerned with the life path of other because I have one of my own. I have goals, gifts and a destiny of my own. And it is no more or no less divine than anyone elses.

I must continue to move at my own pace toward my own purpose. I guess I get more concerned when it seems someone has found their purpose and are living it fearlessly. I question myself, "Are you living your purpose fearlessly?" And if in that moment I feel the answer is now, I feel a bit down. My spirit starts to get anxious. I want to drop everything and just live, create, give forth all positive energy, be fully in the Light.

Oh, my heart gets so heavy in times like that. In times like these. What ifs start to cloud my mind. What if I would have? Maybe I should have... I can only pray and ask the Universe to guide me. To continue to guide me toward what is truth and Light for me.

God I give myself fully to you and I pray for courage to go forth in your Light. I pray for patience to move forward at the speed of your Light and not out of anxiousness or envy.

Moving On

So I've been trying to visualize my health goals. A few years ago I was much more diligent about what I ate and keeping physically active. With lots of hard work and the elimination of animal flesh from my diet, I was able to achieve the arms I've always dreamed of, and a stomach that I very much envy now. I WILL achieve this again. However, I'm not sure how long it will take or how difficult it may be. There are a few things I must consider. I am eating animal flesh again and realistically it will be very difficult to discontinue that when the rest of my house hold still eats meat. And to be quite honest I'm not sure how much of an affect a vegetarian diet had on my ability to get in that type of shape. I can say that during that time I kept a food log and worked out 3 to 4 days a week for at least an hour each day. I need to look into buying a reasonably priced scale for home so I can better track my weight loss. I will continue to keep my food log. I will gradually increase my daily physical activity. And I will start taking my measurements and keeping track.

I'm going to print out a copy of an inspirational photo such as the following and pin it up at my desk at work. And maybe somewhere in my bedroom. It will serve as a reminder of why I'm making the changes that I am, and reassurance that I CAN do this.

Check my out with the short hair and mid drift showing. lol.


narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks for sharing! Remembering to live my purpose is how I get myself through the dark days.

*leaving you some more love & light here

Naturally Sophia said...

I have found that when looking into other people's lives that you are only seeing a portion of it. The neighbor with the big house may be in foreclosure. The woman that may appear happily married may be abused at home. You just never know. Focus on being happy with you, and your purpose is just for you.

As far as your weight goals, I understand as I am waging a war with weight and health. Good luck on your journey.

And your baby tee and short haircut were cute! :)

flytie said...

lemme just say that i feel ya on the first part of your post.

TruEssence said...

Loved your thoughts! I can definitely relate! Being a SAHM really allows those thoughts you shared in the first half of the post to come to the forefront for me. When I have those thoughts I remind myself why I have made the choices I have made... then I smile with contentment. :)
Love the pics!