Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Biting the Bullet

And it tastes funny.

What does that mean anyway? I need to look that up.

Well, I’ve decided to go ahead and do something I’ve been dreading for a while. Which is to start keeping a food log. I know deep down I need to do this to get a better handle on what I’m consuming from day to day. I know I have a snacking addition. I know I have an emotional eating problem. I know there are times when I just plain over eat, eat too fast, don’t pay attention.... I KNOW!!! So I’m doing something about it.

In the past I’ve used a website called and it really helped me keep things in perspective. There are things the site allows me to track that are important to me. I can get as detailed as I’d like in tracking my weight loss, physical activities and food intake. So I’m going to use that site again. I already started logging my intake today and wow... I’m already on the fast track to obesity. Seriously, I must get a handle on this. It's surprising how quickly those calories and fat add up.

Fortunately seeing what I've realistically eaten today motivated me to partake in some physical activities. I hit the heavy bag, did some sit ups and some push ups today. It was some sort of sporatic workout frenzy. Something is better than nothing. But I'd like to get into a meaningful, organized routine.

In crochet news, check out the start of a recent custom order. This will end up as a pair of dark blue wrist warmers. Another part of the order is a pair of black wrist warmers for a guy. I’ve started those as well. I’m making them in a different pattern than these so they look more masculine. Also the black ones will have a thumb hole. Because of my recent custom orders I’ve gone out and bought new yarn. Which is fun for me because I love new yarn. But totally not what I originally planned because I’m trying to get rid of most of this acrylic yarn stash. But I didn’t fully consider that winter is not over and wrist and arm warmers are nice even into spring. Those spring days can get chilly too! My customers want the warmers, so they shall have them.

I fooled myself into thinking I'd actually have the chance to crochet during my lunch break at work. Well, this week I haven't really taken a lunch break. I've been eating at my desk or on the road. I'm working on a couple of big loan requests and it seems like there is always something that needs to be done, updated, commented on, written up, etc. I enjoy the fast pace nature my job sometimes offers. But sistah is about ready for a vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings FeePee, I did get your email. I hadn't responded because the blocked the Hotmail site at work.

Don't worry yourself, I understand the schedule. Things happen, and when they do, we need folks to understand that. I am so excited about the wrist warmers and hat. I can't wait to sport them to school. If you have a business card with your etsy info on it, you may want to send that as well.

Regarding the tube dress you want, I need to know if you want it fitted, straight or flared. I will need your bodice measurements (I'll detail that at the bottom). Also, I do appreciate your offer to pay a difference in this barter BUT, I appreciate even more your initial decision to gift me the wrist warmers. So, I will gift you the tube dress.

Arm pit to arm pit-
Brest measurement-
Armpit to knee, calf or ankle-