Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had planned to come home, eat some pinto beans and cornbread, check my email then go to bed very early. But then plans changed when I realized The Biggest Loser was on tonight. So I told myself after eating my beans I'd watch THAT then go to bed. But then they were showing previews for Law and Order SVU. And I told myself I just can't miss this episode cuz it's the episode Mariska slaps that shit outta another character. That little clip gives me so much joy. I want to do that sometimes.

Just slap the shit outta somebody. But not in the face. Just across the back of the head like she does in the preview. OMG, you can tell it was a real slap too. I jump and giggle everytime I see it.

I didn't go in to work yesterday. It was just a long weekend and a long drive to and from Kansas. My mother put another sibling to rest. But she (and I) reconnected with such a wonderful beautiful family. I definitely want to revisit Kansas and spend some time with the rest of my family. They were just so generous, loving and welcoming. Made me feel so good.

I wasn't feel well yesterday so I stayed home most of the day. But I went to my son's school the second half of the day to give the kids a hot chocolate party as promised. And I must say, those kids are a handful. Between the crying, lying and calling of the police they still managed to touch my heart in a special way. I don't think I'll be sending my son back to HLA next year. I may blog on the reasoning for that later.

So tonight didn't go as planned. I ate my beans and also had some icecream and a brownie (or two). Watched Biggest Loser and some of SVU. Now I sit here tapping away. Wow I just noticed the "m" key is working properly again. That's great.

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Anonymous said...

Hey FeePee, I have not forgotten. Sounds like we're sharing words here. : > As I said before all of our outside email sites have been block @ work and I have very little time when I get home before I'm off to school. I will do my best to get you that info this evening.