Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stirred, not Shaken

The other day I made the most delicious stir fry ever . The aroma drifting through the house was enough to make my Kingman grab the camera and snap some (really unflattering) pictures of me.

The stir fry was comprised of noodles, lots of veggies, onions, cilantro, red and yellow bell peppers, other seasonings and teriyaki sauce. Good stuff! My lil one gobbled up all his broccoli first. I had to make him eat some of the chicken breast pieces. He's never been big on eating meat, which isn't really a bad thing, in my opinion. In an effort to get the family back on track with eating I've been preparing vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch. And reserving meat for the dinner meal. No one has complained just yet. And this week, we've eaten primarily vegetarian because we had pinto beans for dinner two of the nights.

*note to self: buy a wok asap*

I started off this week still in a slump. I called in sick to work Monday. Wait, did I already blog that?? Well Tuesday I came to work still not feeling great emotionally. My motivation was non-existent. So much so that my nearby co-worker (Katie) was absorbing some of the negative energy. She convinced me to go ahead and treat myself to a pedicure for lunch. I love Katie. That was such a great idea. I came back to work on cloud 9. I must start pampering myself on a regular basis. I did the foot spa and pedicure. I think my toes look pretty.

I've been feeling fly the rest of the week. Check out how black and fluffy my fro is below! An elder woman approached me today and complimented my hair and went on to say how she has never been able to achieve the style. I explained to her the simple process to achieve a chunky twist out and she was a bit in awe. She also told how she recently cut her afro down to a TWA (teeny weeny afro) because she just couldn't figure out how to style it. She had an endearing vibe about her and I was moved to offer some assistance. Beautiful woman, she was.

Oh ya like that yoda speak?

I gave her my card and jotted down my cell number and 2 different website addresses. I gave her the addy for and

Nappturality has a wealth of information on how to care for, style and enjoy your natural hair. And Lavida Given by Nature has some of the best natural bath and beauty products I've ever tried.

Speaking of hair, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized my hair had grown a healthy length from last summer when I cut my locs off. I've been rocking puffs and chunky fros for the past month almost exclusively. On the weekends I usually have my hair wrapped in a scarf. I'm looking forward to rocking some fly fro styles this summer with my pretty toes.


TruEssence said...

Sis that stirfry looks so good!! I can see why your kingman had to take a pic! I love the pics! Love the chuncky fro and puff!:)

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I plan to leave early today so, I'll leave you a message when I get home.