Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Down on my knees

Yesterday, I went home and made some boca burgers for the family. Then the rest of the night I either crocheted or watched tv. Heroes was on and I love that show. After that I IM'd a little bit then went to bed.

I had a bad dream last night and I woke up all sweaty and icky. It's a little bit difficult at night sometimes since my Kingman works the 3rd shift. I love sleeping next to him and having someone there to wake up to when I have an unpleasant dream.

I think it's time to burn some sage in the new apartment.

Before bed I accomplished 5 solid push ups. But I had to do the modified push ups on my knees. Tonite I'll do more push ups. Maybe I can work my way up to 10. Then I'll do some stretching and breathing exercises to relax my body and mind. And meditate for a little bit. After my Kingman leaves from work the apartment is quiet and still. It's sort of my moment to myself. I will utilize this time for relaxation and centering myself before I sleep. Hopefully that will ward off that negative energy seeping into my slumber.

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