Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Master Cleanse Journal: Day 2

Mood: I'm not tired at all. Didn't wake up hungry. But as the day went buy I'd be fine one hour with no hunger. The next hour I'm thinking of all the food I'm missing out on. I REALLY contemplated throwing in the towel and getting me some soup or a veggie sandwich. But I didn't. I'm staying strong. But today was very hard in the hunger category.

Later in the day, once I was home, I ALMOST gave up. I really wanted to. I even put a piece of toast in my mouth but quickly spit it out before ingesting anything. My Kingman is sticking to it and this was MY idea. So I'll be strong and stick it out. One day at a time.

Digestion: I HATE the salt water flush (see below)! I went to bed last night earlier than usual. I woke up this morning around 4:30am realizing I had 30 more minutes before the alarm went off. So I just laid there resting. When the alarm sounded I got up and prepared my salt water flush. I want to throw up just thinking about the taste. I just can't take it anymore. Again I only got through half of the recommended amount. I drank it faster than yesterday but it took twice as long to take affect. So I was still on the toilet 2 minutes before it was time to leave. And even a while at work I just felt icky from the whole thing. Just a nasty feeling in my stomach, like I ate something bad. And there wasn't much solid waste eliminated either. So I'll for sure skip the flush tomorrow morning.

Skin: No change from yesterday during the morning hours. As the day went on I notice two distinct pimples forming. I was a bad girl and popped one of 'em. I'll treat it with some aloe to prevent scaring. Later in the day my skin started to feel tender. Kinda like a sunburn. I don't know what that was about.

Weight: 190 lbs. I know that seems like a lot. But you've seen my pics. I'm quite muscular in stature. I stand 5ft 7inches tall. I prefer to weigh in at 180lbs by the end of the year. Not so much for appearance, but so that I'm only carrying around 180lbs on my bones rather than 190. As previous posts indicate I've shed 7 lbs over the last 2 months just from eating better. I hope that I don't lose too much weight during this fast. I don't like the idea of rapid weight loss because I believe a person will gain it back just as rapidly. When it comes to weight loss I like slow and steady.

Other: After sharing my complete revulsion to the salt water flush I discovered I was putting waaaay too much salt in there.

*falls over*

I could have sworn I read the measurements right. But I was thinking tablespoon when it was teaspoon. And anyone who bakes knows there is a huge difference between the two. But I'm so turned off by the salt I still may not do it tomorrow. I need a break from sea salt. I rebuke it! lol

I had a comment that suggested I try a laxative tea. I'm strongly contemplating it. I bought some Smooth Move tea from Traditional Medicinal. I drank a cup this evening around 8pm. I'm praying to God that it hits me when I wake up so I don't have to be in the bathroom at work worried that someone will come in and witness what may occur.

One day at a time...

Tonight I'm up late putting tiny twists in my hair. I wish I would have started earlier in the day. But I'm determined to get these bad boys in before midnight.

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