Monday, November 5, 2007

Master Cleanse Journal: Day 1

Mood: I felt great this morning. No real hunger. I looked for treats for a quick second then realized I was doing that out of habit, not hunger. I'm hoping to get that habit of eating in check by the end of the cleanse/ fast. No big changes in my mood through out the day.

Digestion: The flush cleared my bowels out this morning. I've been peeing all day from the lemonade. No other bowel movements. Which is a cause for concern. The book says I should have them more often on the fast. In the back of my mind I wonder if the salt water flush is throwing things off.

Skin: Today my skin is ok. It's not radiant by my standards. I've put some honey and olive oil on for moisturizer. My nose gets oily by midday but a dab of a Kleenex takes care of that. I have these tiny bumps on my forehead. They have been there for a few days now. They don't itch, but I wonder if it's from not washing all the soap or conditioner off when I wash my hair or face. There is a slight flare up on my cheeks. Hardly noticeable to anyone else. But I feel it there. I plan to keep up with my normal, wash in the morning while I shower. But now I plan to get back to washing my face at nite, before bed. Then I'll slather on some aloe vera gel with tea tree oil over night.

Weight: I didn't even weigh myself. *shrugs*

Other: I really wanted food about an hour before I was done with work. By the time I was heading out the door and picking up my lil Prince I was good. No real desire for food at the end of the day either. All in all the first day wasn't bad at all.


Anonymous said...

Hey BL, I caught your blog a couple days ago and wanted to stick around and see how the Master Cleanse worked out for you. I commend you on setting out to better your “self”. I speak from experience when I say it’s a beautiful thing. I myself have walked this road before. I’ll start again this Wednesday night, but this time I’ll do for the full 14 days. The plan was to begin Sunday night but Trader Joe's was fresh out of grade B. Looks like some folks "do believe the hype".

I would like to share a few things with you that I hope will help you along the way.
In order for this cleanse to work in our favor we have to take the dieter’s tea. The tea isn’t to serve as a “weight loss” assistant but as a bulldozer. This is what pushes the waste. The saline wash is what flushes everything and the tea is the scraper. This is what pulls all the mucus off of the walls of our intestines.

It should flow like this:
~First night- before bed have 1cup of dieter’s tea (preferred ingredient -senna)
This will begin working by time your alarm goes off in the morning
~First thing morning- soon as you wake up have 1 cup of dieter’s tea
This will send you to the RR at least three times before noon
~The Lemonade every time you fill hungry (no more than six servings per day)
~Water –room temp. every time your thirsty (this is a judgment call since your not eating any solid foods it may be hard to decipher if it’s thirst or hunger) {You must stay hydrated.}
~Before bed you repeat with the dieter’s tea (best if taken without sweeteners)

(((If you decide you want to do a saline wash, you cannot take the dieter’s tea)))

With Sistern Love,


Breath of Light said...

Thank you so much sis for the dieter's tea suggestion! I'll certainly look into it since I HATE the salt flush with a passion. Is the tea something I prepare on my own or can I find it somewhere? Your help is much appreciated.

Bless up!

Anonymous said...

No the dieter's tea come in regular tea bags. Yes you do need to prepare yourself for it. There is a little cramping that will accur. It doesn't have the best taste in the world either but it's tolerable and you only need 1 cup in the morning and at night. I use straight senna leaves. This is the main source of dieter's tea and is a little potent (drink no more than 2 cups a day if you go this rought). I was able to find this in an asian market. I also use Three Ballerina dieter's tea. If you go to and type in the name they'll show you exactly what I use. You can also read some of the testimonies if you care to. The box says it won't cause cramping or loose stool. Don't believe that hype. It will! This is the tea that sends me at least 3 times before noon. However, the lemonade and water will lessen the cramps which come from the tea trying to unclog the intestines.
I got my box for $4. I keep a couple of bags here with me at work in case I start my morning off late. (wouldn't recommend if you don't have free reign of the bathroom). I hope I answered all your questions. Remeber I start again this Wednesday. I'll post my experience as well.