Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fall Cleaning

I plan to try my hand at the Mater Cleanse pretty soon. I've been mentally preparing myself for this over the last week or so. A good friend of mine just finished her 10 day fast and gave me daily updates on how she was feeling. She even took some before and after shots. I know many folks are facinated by this "lemonade diet". To me it has never been a diet. But a fast and detox. To each their own. My reasoning for trying the cleanse is to try and detox a bit and get my body and mind back on track.

I've read so much about the benefits of fasting and Have never gone past one day. I'm told the first day is the hardest, after that it gets better and easier. So I'm ready. I'm going to pick a start date soon and hopefully do a daily update on how I'm feeling and how my body reacts to the cleanse. I want the break down to be updates on my skin, digestion, mood and overall body.

Information on the cleanse can be found here. I'm using my lunch break today to read all 30 pages. From there I'll figure out any modifications I plan to make to the plan. But my prayer is I can follow it as written so I can really see how it works.

This weekend I plan to buy all the supplies. I may even start this next week. I pray for the courage to just DO IT. I was hoping my Kingman would come along on this journey with me. But he doesn't seem to mentally be ready for it. But I want to do this for me so I may go it alone.

God bless me with the strength to do what I know I need to do.

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