Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Master Cleanse Journal: Day 3

Mood: On this morning I felt energized despite going to bed just after Midnight and waking at 6am. Later in the morning around 10:30am I was feeling sleepy. I don't know if this should be attributed to the fast or only 6 hours of sleep when I've been getting 8 lately. But throughout the day I felt progressively worse.

Digestion: The laxative tea hit me around 4am. I woke up to mild stomach cramps and knew what it was about. Headed to the bathroom for a productive movement. Laid back down. Awoke 30 minutes later to more intense cramps. Wasn't terrible but was very uncomfortable. What was worse, not much happened that go round. BOOO! I sat there in a little pain for a few minutes, went and laid back down. I woke up at 6am since I didn't plan on doing the flush. I've been peeing all day. But what else is new?

Skin: Looks great. Pimples are gone. The little bumps on my forehead are almost gone. I've been told my skin is glowing.

Weight: Now 188 lbs. My Kingman says my face looks smaller. It looks the same to me. My clothes are fitting looser though. But I lost 10lbs prior to the fast and that was already happening. I still don't want to lose much weight. The plan is not to lose more than 5lbs during the fast. I don't think I have much control over that. If by chance I lose 5 lbs before 10 days, that will be the end for me.

Other: I've been extremely hungry. I want to eat, but I don't know what. My stomach has been growling all day. We planned on breaking the fast tomorrow since it's my Kingman's birthday and our anniversary and he wanted to have dinner at this fabulous restaurant called The French Meadow. They have tons of organic and vegan options. He wanted the crab cakes.

I developed a headache around 1pm. I was intensely hungry at that time. I thought the 3rd day would be a breeze. But it's not. Later that evening we met with my Lil Prince's teachers to discuss his progress and stayed for the Scholar Showcase they hold their monthly. There was pizza.

And I ate two slices of cheese.

And my stomach revolted.

Once I got home I made a tea comprised of freshly squeezed organic lemon, maple syrup and cayenne to combat the mucous build up that was almost instantaneous. I felt a little ill but it passed. Since I was already tired I went to bed around 8:30pm. The fast is officially broken. I plan on doing it again in the future. Possibly for the New Year. And prayerfully for longer than 2.9 days.

Lessons learned:
1. Fasting doesn't always equal zero energy.
2. The 2nd and 3rd day are HARD.
3. Lemonade with grade B maple syrup is quite tasty and will be a staple in my household.
4. Never eat cheese right after breaking fast.
5. Salt water flushes are the devil. Especially if you use the wrong measurement.
6. I CAN go more than one day without chewing.

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Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, don't tell me. I was looking forward to reading about a successful 3rd day. Shucks, we could have went through this together.

[I started last night with a cup of senna tea (no sweeteners). When I got up this morning I had another cup. So far nothing has happened but I feel it getting ready. Usually I will have a large cup after the tea to help push it down. Maybe you'll be encouraged and decide to begin again. I welcome you aboard sis.]

How funny, I started the last fast at a bad time as well. My love and I birthday's fall in the same week and we were getting away for the weekend. Of course I had to break it (that did not feel good) in order to enjoy myself. So I understand your circumstances. Starting with the tea last night (plans to do the full 10+4 days) I will be finished on the 21st.

Well, I will post my progress on my blog starting tonight. I do hope you'll hop back on.