Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pre Cleanse Pics

The pictures are not of the best quality. However, that works in my favor since I'd prefer not to have half nakkie pictures of myself on the net. At least not ones that clearly reveal my identity. The pictures are just another way to monitor changes due to the fast. To be quite honest I'll be fine If I look the same after the fast. I've already dropped a few elle bees and I don't want to get too small for my own liking. A reduction in the belly would be welcome. More so a more flat appearance sans sucking in. When I suck in now I look fabulous! lol. The above pictures are of me NOT sucking in, but not poking out my belly either.

Cleanse starts tomorrow morning! I've already prepared my lemonade for drinking. I plan to wake up an hour early to do the salt water flush. Pray for me! lol. I don't want to be late because I can't leave the toilet.

"God bless me with the determination to get through this fast. Show me how strong I am."

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