Saturday, November 3, 2007

Salt Water Flush (SWF) Trial run

Preliminary Results: Please, there has got to be a better way. I followed the directions and proportions for the salt water flush according to the Master Cleanse e book I previously linked. That stuff is very difficult to chug down. So difficult that I only was able to drink half of the suggested amount before starting to regurgitate it. So I stopped there. Right now I'm waiting for it to do it's work. I pray it happens soon because my mother will be here soon so that I can braid her hair :

*I'll update final results later today*

Final Results: Well I realize that I don't have to drink an entire recommended portion to empty my bowels. I was cool and very skeptical for about an hour. Then on the way to my moms house I had to clench because it was a working. Up until that moment my stomach felt VERY icky and my tongue tasted like salt. It was unsettling to keep tasting all that salt so I grabbed a banana on my way out the door to cover the salty taste. Well the salty taste didn't go away until the flush started working. And boy did it work!

I arrived at my moms and went straight for the bathroom. Without going into much detail it was as if I had diarrhea but minus any cramping, sweating or discomfort. Once the flush started working I found the experience OK and wouldn't mind doing that again if it wasn't for the disgusting salt water. lol. How do I get around that? My good friend who did the fast somehow managed to do the flush each morning. I do not see myself doing the flush each morning. I would likely do it in the evening once I'm home for the night. I'd have to wake up much earlier than I'd want to as to make sure the flush had run it's course (it took 45 min to 1 hr today) before venturing off to drop my little Prince off to school and heading to work.

Overall, I give the experience one thumb up. It did what it was suppose to do and I only drank half of the reccomended portion. But the taste was horrible.

Again, the official fast starts on Monday. I'm looking forward to it. And my Kingman says he's on board. I'm excited to get started!


TruEssence said...

Good luck with the fast!:)

salt water flush said...

Wonder why the iodine messes things up….

so this is like a colonic you take orally, I’m understanding, right???